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    I have been in chat .. redneck shout box .. about this about our dog who was attacked new yeas eve ...
    When he was attacked .. the big shepherd bit him on the snout with the k9 teeth going through the snout and lower jaw shattering his lower jaw ...
    he was not able to smell after surgery .. the vet spent 4 hours New Year's Eve reconstructing and wiring the Lower jaw back together .. ...
    We have the pup home.. within a week he is eating on his own .. and drinking on his own ... and recovering well .. and very thankful that the owner of the dog that attacked chewy has paid for all the vet bills ... so far we are over $4000 ... and more to come with getting the wire removed from the upper and lower jaws ...
    In the pics I provided is chewy (our dog) and the pick of tye the dog that attacked him...
    Me and the mrs .. thank all for prayers sent .....
    and pray mindgringer has a successful recovery with his pup from parvo ..we know he lost one .. we pray he can find a new puppy and bring him up to speed ...

    Thank you



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  2. SB21

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    Glad to hear your pup is going to be ok. He looks almost exactly like my daughters little pup. Best wishes for the future with him.
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  3. Mountain mama

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    Oh my goodness. Glad the little pup will be OK. Thank goodness the other owners are paying the bills, but they should keep a better eye on their pooch. Prayers for full recovery! Sending kisses to your chewy!
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  4. Gator 45/70

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    Wow, Hope the little guy recovers completely.
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  5. Motomom34

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    Shepherds are big and scary dogs IMO. I really do not like them at all. My old Baily dog was about 60 lbs and the neighbors shepherd almost killed him. @Homunculi glad your pup is on the mend. Poor thing is very lucky in one sense but hate to see an ailing pet.
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  6. VHestin

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    Former neighbors over 10years ago had an actual German Shepherd, from Germany. Was big, but never scared me, and neighbors kept their dogs in the house, only letting them out for potty time in their yard, like we do. And a few years ago, other former neighbors, they had a black lab mix, and she liked to play with my border collie mix(they were around the same size), but one day their dog just attacked my dog for some reason, the only reason it wasn't too serious is that they were each in their own yard, and it was only through the fence, and their dog could only bite my dog's ear, but she was really aggressive and wouldn't let go. If they were in the same yard, I'm sure it would have been much worse, because our dog was passive and was only trying to get away, not fight back.

    I'm lucky in that having grown up in rural areas, was always exposed to animals of all kinds. In high desert in L.A. county when I was 3-6, I knew what scorpions were, they never scared me, I just knew to call for my parents if I saw one. What's funny is that the only two times there was a scorpion issue was inside the house(once on the bathmat when I was in the tub, and mom found one on my bedding when she was doing laundry). I would wander out in the brush constantly, and never had a problem. And a few years ago, neighbor's horse was mowing our lawn for us, I happened to be standing right next to him, and for some reason, out of the blue he started freaking out about something, and I just automatically reached up and grabbed his halter, and he calmed down as soon as contact was made.

    I was scared of bees and the like for a while after I got attacked by a swarm of wasps after accidentally falling on the nest while taking a walk in the woods at least 15years ago.
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  7. Sgt Nambu

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    That's very sad I hope your little doggie recovers fully! :)
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  8. GrayGhost

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    Glad to hear things are looking up for the lil guy!
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  9. Mountainman

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    Hoping the best for the little guy. :)
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  10. Homunculi

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    As much as this bothers me I was a dog groomer and bred rotties for sale .. after 12 years of working that field ... the mrs thinks I am insensitive or detached ..and I try to tell her .. it is just the work I used to do .. seeing pets come and go .... but as much as I have resisted having a dog in the house .. I let her ..and it took me 4-5 years to get used to the little guy .. now this .. the first 3 years of grooming dogs was the worst since I got attached so quick to regulars .. then hear that they passed .. or hit by a car .. and so on ... .. I am worried about the little guy .. heck I tease him when I call him chewy "monster" since he is the smallest dog I have ever owned
  11. Mountain mama

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    You get attached. When you lose them it hurts. I am so much better a person for having those I loved in my life. My pets are my children and I love them deeply. Each has taught me things about life, about myself. I can not imagine life without a faithful companion. I am so glad your chewy monster will be OK, and I am so glad you gave in and allowed the little chewy monster in your house. Your life is better because of it I am sure. May chewy bring you many more years of joy and love!
  12. Homunculi

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    Chewy goes for post op app tomorrow ... the mrs has become super nurse with all the meds .. waking in the middle of the night to take care of him ..and making sure I have dressing on my wound .. the leash cut into my hand when I tried to get that dam retractable leash to work like it should I gave up and wrapped it around my hand and well it dug in .. I have heard of people being cut and losing a finger to these things.. but have not ever seen it till now ..since it happend to me .. and if tye would have gotten more aggressive.. I might have lost a finger as well as chewy

  13. chimo

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    German/Belgian Shephards were the "dangerous killer" dogs when I was a "pit bulls" are perceived today.

    @Homunculi I am glad your pup is on the mend. My oldest dog is a 15lb puggle who is going on 15 years old. He just had half his teeth pulled a few weeks ago and has recovered nicely. I was surprised at how tough a dog's pallet is...he still eats his dry kibble and Milk Bones just fine (though I still try to moisten them or break them up into little pieces for him). He's acting like a pup again too...even pushing around his "big little brother", an 80lb pit.

    The thing that has always impressed me about dogs is how they recover, adapt, improvise and overcome just about anything to live "normal" lives. Your little guy will do the same!
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  14. Homunculi

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    Well as this one gets better ... doing well .. getting attention from the mrs aka momma... just spoiled rotten ... now in 6 weeks we stat all over again to get the wire removed ... and starting to act like he did befor the attack ... esp with the mrs


  15. Homunculi

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    Had a few questions in the chat box ... so while sitting by the fire chew wanted on my lap .. less than 10 min ... this is what I got ..
    Still on can food watered down but he is doing good ... thanks again for all the prayers .. conserns .. and support

  16. GOG

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  17. Homunculi

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    Back from the vet .. wires out and doped up .. waiting for him to solber up to eat some...

  18. runswithdogs

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    Looking good :)
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  19. Mountainman

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    A little bit of steak might be in order for the occasion. [drooling]
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  20. Homunculi

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    Wished I could ... if I do it would have to be liquified .. the vet has recommended he not eat and hard kibble for the next month
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