Chicago abolishes gun register in place since 1968

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    By Renita Young

    CHICAGO (Reuters) - Chicago on Wednesday reluctantly abolished a 45-year-old requirement that gun owners register their weapons with the city, marking a victory for advocates of gun rights such as the National Rifle Association.

    The city council voted to end the gun registry in place since 1968 to comply with court rulings against Chicago and Illinois gun control laws, and to bring the city into line with a state concealed carry law.

    "I happen to think the court's wrong. I think their interpretation is wrong," Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said of the court rulings that forced Chicago to eliminate the registry. He spoke after the council voted.

    Chicago is facing a wave of gang-related violence that pushed its murder rate to a five-year high in 2012. While the number of homicides is down this year, police have complained that the city is awash in guns.

    The Chicago decision came one day after the gun rights lobby scored another victory, ousting two Colorado lawmakers who had supported gun control in the state legislature.

    The powerful NRA, which boasts millions of gun owners as members, has successfully employed tactics, such as recalls and challenges to gun control laws in court, as a way to get strict enforcement of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which sets out the right to bear arms.

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2010, in a case challenging Chicago's gun restrictions, that every state and city must adhere to the Second Amendment. The ruling did not strike down the Chicago restrictions directly, but sent the case back to a U.S. appeals court for review.

    In December 2012, the appeals court ruled that Illinois' ban on concealed carry was unconstitutional and gave the state six months to create a law allowing guns to be carried in public.

    Illinois approved a concealed carry law in July, giving control of gun regulations to the state and essentially nullifying Chicago's power to require gun owners register their weapons and to have a city firearms permit.

    The measures approved by a voice vote on Wednesday complied with the new state law. They eliminated the requirement for gun owners to have a Chicago firearm permit and the requirement for the city to keep a gun registry.

    (Reporting By Renita Young; Additional reporting by Brendan O'Brien; Editing by Greg McCune and Nick Zieminski)
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    Hmmm I wonder if they will allow /recognize concealed carry from other states now.....
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    Chicago has always been a cesspool. I can’t determine if the politics begets the criminal element or the criminal element begets the politics. There’s even a name for corrupt political shenanigans, it’s called “Chicago Politics”. Chicago is one of the few places you can get mugged and robbed in a police station. It’s a beautiful city IMO but it’s not a safe city.

    Gun control and the way it’s implemented have a lot to do with the crime there. Good people can’t defend themselves if they obey the law and criminals don’t give a rip about the law. Cops and self-serving politicians have guns for self-defense but deny the public the right of self-defense and that sends a message that they are better than the rest of us. That attitude has consequences.
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    If the Chicago criminal element simply focused on targeting politicians and lawyers, there would be no problem.

    Oh, wait. Why would they want to harm themselves? ;)
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    We could supply arms.....
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    doesn't make any difference ..... nobody registered their guns .... it was a huge hassle even if you were legally able to own a firearm .... there's hundreds of thousands perhaps as much as a million firearms in the city .... there were only like 30,000 registered .... it was just a joke from day 1
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    Does this do away with your FOID cards?
    Will taking the PD out of the equation going to help with firearms purchases?
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    no ... the FOID card is a IL state ID program of an owner (user) - nothing to do with the actual weapon(s) .... Chicago required a FOID and a city register of the gun(s), a number of hours of gun training and a multitude of separate laws governing storage and use .... with the new IL statewide CCW laws the Chicago alderman saw duplication and more duplication .....

    another big anti -gun loss .... Chicago just lost a IL Supreme Court ruling (9-0) with national implications ..... for the first time judges ruled basically that the 2nd Amendment extends anywhere and can't be restricted to a person's home/property ....
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    They either ruled that way, or would get overturned in Federal Court, by Summary Judgement.. Heller & McDonald are the LAW of the Land....
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    actually Chicago rarely wins in the IL Supreme Court .... they haven't had any pull with the current judges and most are not Chicago oriented ..... even the current DemoCrap State AG gets it handed to her .... IL needs to get back to a Republican governor so the court stays conservative .....
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    This will indeed be an interesting microcosm test site....
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    Interesting, but not an accurate gauge for a normal reaction. Just like a pressure cooker will boil over when the pressure is removed, so will the violence. But at least this time, some victims can fight back.
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    Wonder if a tidal wave would help Chicago. Would certainly wash away some scum----but as usual rats are good swimmers.
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