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    Some interesting stats you won't hear from the idiot sharpton, barry or any of the mouthpieces of the democrat party.
    And BTW Milwaukee had 29 homicides in July & August with a similar ratio...

    Year to Date Totals
    Shot & Killed: 259
    Shot & Wounded: 1338
    Total Homicides*: 310

    Summer 2013 by the numbers:
    • 173 dead
    • 717 wounded
    • 782 males
    • 107 females
    • 27.6 average age
    • 143 blacks killed
    • 36 teenagers killed
    • 138 killed < 35 years old
    • 19.4% shot-to-kill ratio
    • 7 police involved shootings
    • 59 shot in the head
    • 38 shot & wounded in the ass
    • Team Englewood lead w/ 18 dead

    Black 80.4%
    Hispanic 18.0%
    White 1.6%

    Male 88.0%
    Female 12.0%
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    At a 19.4 shot to kill rate they better work on their marksmanship.
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    They are.
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    19.4 with no sites may be the best they can hope for... thug_sideways_pistol_aim.
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    AND ..... Obammy's best buddy Rahm and "shoot to kill all the CCWs" CPD Super McCarthy are prouder than h@ll about those stats .... it's an improvement !!!!!

    something not mentioned .... close to 5,000 illegal guns (YTD) seized from a city where it's almost impossible to legally buy a gun and even harder to jump all the hoops to own one legal .....
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    This one is in Milwaukee which is the same sewer as Chicago.
    This is the product of a welfare state created by the dems where many generations have known only handouts from the government working the system, committing crimes and dope.

    A Milwaukee woman was charged Tuesday in the execution-style slaying of a friend she suspected of setting her up to be robbed a short time earlier.

    Rosetta L. Bracken, 35, faces life in prison if convicted of first-degree intentional homicide in the killing earlier this month of Krystal Witek, 19.

    According to the criminal complaint:

    A witness told police she watched Witek tearfully plead with Bracken that she was not involved in the robbery attempt, as the two women walked in the 2900 block of N. 11th St. about 3 a.m. on Sept. 1.

    Bracken then turned on Witek and said, "(expletive), yes you did and now you know what's coming." The witness said Witek fell to her knees and raised her hands in front of her face before Bracken fired three shots to Witek's head.

    Investigators' first tip came from an anonymous caller who said Bracken, her sister and a man named "Blue" or "Black" were involved. Police located Bracken's sister who told police Bracken had admitted killing Witek, and why.

    According to the sister, Bracken said Witek had called her to ask for a ride. When Bracken arrived to get her near N. 20th St. and W. Highland Ave., two men with guns tried to rob Bracken. During the confrontation, Bracken told her sister, she heard Witek say, "Black, leave her alone."

    The complaint doesn't detail how, but indicates Bracken got away and was later driving with her husband and child, when they saw Witek walking in an alley and picked her up, then saw "Black" and picked him up.

    Sometime as the group was driving, Witek jumped out of the car and fled but was chased down by Bracken and shot, according to the complaint.

    Bracken was being held Tuesday in the Milwaukee County Jail.
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    better than some cops I know...(cough hack LA)
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    Didn't they resort to gasoline, because it worked better....or do they still claim it was the teargas canister ?
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    Flash/Bang, where the flash ignited the inside contents of the cabin... was the claim.....Those have been know to throw burning Magnesium Power around during the Bang Portion..... It all depends on the Delay, built-into the device. It is supposed to Flash first, then BANG, after the FLASH has burned out.... Doesn't always work out that way.... If you get a slow Flash, or a short Delay on the BANG, it is very BAD for the inside of the room.... and anyone in there....
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    I remember a report of officers with gas cans near the cabin. It was, of course, early reporting, just after the blaze started. I don't know if it panned out as truth or not, but i do recall some cheering when flames engulfed the place.
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