chicago throws open the doors to the armory

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    More on the militarization of "officer friendly"...
    chicago to issue m-4's to "beat" cops:[beat][beat][beat]

    But never mind. Chicago’s violent streets are a perfect excuse to further militarize the cops. Daley will replace every cop’s handgun with a brand spanking new M4.

    Soon enough, residents will get accustomed to cops armed to the teeth like Marines in Baghdad. But then that’s the point, to send a message to the civilians: you now live in an authoritarian police state, Officer Friendly is now G.I. Joe. In fact, increasingly, Officer Not So Friendly did five “stop loss” tours in Iraq and is violently insane. Give him an M4 and he will think he’s back in Iraq.

    It’s something to think about the next time you are pulled over and the cop comes to your window with an assault weapon. It’s not a good idea to recite the Fourth Amendment to a guy who was indoctrinated by the government in killing people and wrecking things.
  2. BuckBall

    BuckBall Woman Hater

    It was all over CNN today, and then the nightly news. I figure it's to be used as a BT course for things yet to come. I am reminded of Northern Ireland when I see police brandishing automatic weapons and wearing all their battle gear.
  3. CBMS

    CBMS Looking for a safe place

    scary scary stuff, I wonder what will come next. a 203 on an undersling? "Its for tear gas I swear"
  4. BuckBall

    BuckBall Woman Hater

    Gives the police good cause to use deadly force, but how many of those officers will let it go to their heads and do more damage than good? I'm guessing quite a few.
  5. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    taken in context its just, one more dot to plot the straight line to a nightmare police state future, taken by itself: " things have gotten really weird the last 5 years or so..."
  6. RouteClearance

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    Never been to the "Windy City", now I deffinitely will never go there.
  7. BuckBall

    BuckBall Woman Hater

    It will be interesting to see which cities follow along. I'm guessing San Fran (which will really suck since I go there often), Houston, NYC (though I think they already do that) and then perhaps Miami.
  8. monkeyman

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    Eventualy all of them will switch over then it will slop over to smaller and smaller towns. Kind of like the semi autos and spare mags and tasers. Used to be that nearly all LE figured 6 shots was more than enouph then the big bad cities switched to autos for more fire power and a couple spare mags, then the rest of the cities followed suit now even in BFE all the cops have semiautos and a couple spare mags along with their tasers and its considered 'normal' that they seem to figure they need a handgun with 40-50 rounds of ammo, pepper spray, baton, taser and a long arm or 2 in the cruiser to 'serve and protect'.
  9. BuckBall

    BuckBall Woman Hater

    Most can't hit with 6 rounds let alone 15. A number years ago my father told me of a boy of 18 was shot by 3 police officers with over 28 shots were fired with 19 of those hitting the boy. The boy in this case was apparently holding a bb gun and the police felt threatened, therefore shooting the suspect. The kid lived, but there was a nice lawsuit against those officers. I'd say that is a bit overkill. I never needed a handgun with 15 rounds only because I take down what I shoot at. 2 in the chest, 1 in the perfectly and gets it done.
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