Chicago's Gun Laws Are Working ............ for the thugs and gang members

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    Chicago Records 500th Homicide Of 2012

    By: Associated Press | WSPA-TV
    Published: December 28, 2012

    CHICAGO, IL. --
    Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy says the city has logged its 500th homicide of the year.
    McCarthy issued a statement Friday calling the milestone a "tragic number that is reflective of the gang violence and proliferation of illegal guns that have plagued some of our neighborhoods."
    The police department went back and forth Friday, first verifying the 500th killing, then backing off and saying an earlier death was still being investigated.
    By late Friday, police confirmed 40-year-old Nathaniel Jackson had become the 500th homicide victim when he was fatally shot in the head outside a convenience store on the city's West Side.
    The last time Chicago reached the 500-homicide mark was in 2008, when the year ended with 512 killings. City records show Chicago had 435 homicides last year.

    Chicago Records 500th Homicide Of 2012 | WSPA
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    Well y'all know how main stream media lies, but I saw a news piece about how well things were improving with regard to gun violence in NYC. Supposedly if you can believe the statistics they are claiming, in 2012 they have had 1000 homicides less this year than they had in 2011. This was straight from Bloomsburgs big mouth. Now I am no expert, and I can't give the population of either Chitago or NYC, but if NYC had 1000 less homicides in 2012, the question that remains and slaps you in the face is; How many homicides did they actually have in 2011 and 2012. My guess is that it is not a small number.
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    the actual death toll of 500 was hit a few weeks ago ... the CPD is playing games with the records .... where ever possible deaths are being classified as "murder investigation" ... CPD refuses to discuss that total .... a guy got his brains smashed all over his apartment and was awarded " Number 500" ...... they pulled it back because it might not be a murder and needs to be investigated more ....

    the number the CPD is avoiding is 512 ... thats a record number they don't want to see

    by the way a number you never hear is the number of shootings .... 2500 shootings in 2012 with the gun ban in effect
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    All this is pure BS--can not possibly be true---strictest gun laws in the nation make them totally safe cities to live in. On a similar note---Bloomberg is a POS lying typical demoncrap politician --but that is just one person's opinion.
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