Chick-fil-a: Still Fighting The Battle Against Libtards

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Aug 2, 2012.

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    I still think I'd like my chicken sandwich without a side order of "holier than thou" sanctimonious moralizing. People that make good chicken sandwiches should stick to making chicken sandwiches, IMO. There's nothing wrong with anyone having a personal opinion about any subject, but religion and politics have no business in business. I feel the same way about these dingbat Hollywood morons running about spouting their mouths off about everything from AIDs to Abortion. If they're good at acting or singing, they should stick to it, and not use their fifteen minutes of fame ticking me off with their unsolicited and unwanted opinions. Of course, that's just my opinion. ;)
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    It sounds like Dan Cathy's opinion was solicited, but in an obscure media outlet. It was a simple question about his faith and he gave a simple answer. The lefties are the ones that made a big deal out of it. The the righties made a big deal about the attempted suppression of the first amendment. Being a good libertarian (live and let live), I really get annoyed with anyone espousing their social opinions in my face. However, I don't think Cathy did anything I find offensive.
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    Correct. You don't get a Bible in every bag or see Bible quotes in their stores. The guy was asked a question and gave an answer...he had an opinion on a subject and because the left didn't like it, they tried to burn him and his company at the stake and it backfired.

    There is no "sanctimonious moralizing" at Chick-fil-A that I've been witness to. Judging from the fact that a couple of lesbos work at the one in Decatur, GA, I don't think they discriminate either.
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    And they make a delicous chicken sandwich and salads. In my town they are the cleanest, most customer courteous, fast food restaurant around. They train their employees well and another thing they say THANK YOU instead of "No Problem", where did that come from?
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    They're real clean libtards to stink-up the joint. It's awesome.
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    Medical Supply exec gets fired for acting like a jackass against Chik Fil A. He recorded this, then posted it on YouTube, got in trouble, took it down, it was reposted by others who had downloaded it, then he got fired. Ha.
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    I agree that I don't like people proselytizing to me. If I want a lecture, I'll go back to school. And I also agree that Hollywoodites would do well to shut up once in a while and quit complaining about others exercising their 1st Amendment rights because if it wasn't for the Bill of Rights, Hollywood wouldn't even exist. We don't have a Chik-Fil-A here, but I'd probably go to it because I like chicken.
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    And what is going on now in response to Cathy’s announcement, both pro and con, is why politics and religion have no place in business. The people I interact with in my business know nothing of my religious or political views, and that’s the way it should be. Business is business, and dragging politics and religion into business is bad business.

    After Cathy advocated for what he called “the biblical definition of the family unit” and observed that supporting same-sex marriage invites “God’s judgment on our nation”, the Jim Henson Company said it would no longer make toys for Chick-fil-A; officials in a number of cities have asked Chick-fil-A to leave their towns. The Mayor of Boston urged Chick-fil-A not to open a new restaurant there, explaining: “You can’t have a business in the city of Boston that discriminates against a population.” In Philadelphia, a City Council member wrote to Mr. Cathy, telling him to “take a hike and take your intolerance with you.” A Chicago alderman opposed the opening of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in that city. And students at New York University are pushing for the removal of Chick-fil-A from the school’s campus.

    I think what Cathy said was narrow minded and was not in keeping with good business principles, but I also think that the backlash is equally ignorant. The Medical Supply exec that just got fired for berating a Chick-fil-A employee deserved to get fired. The idiots who blocked Chick-fil-A drive through lanes deserved to be arrested. The idiots staging a gay kiss-in in protest are equally deserving of my disdain. But none of this would have happened if Cathy had stuck to chicken.

    Chick-fil-A makes chicken sandwiches, and they should stick to it. They should not become a morality advocacy group.
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    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
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    tulianr: I agree with you 101%. My disagreement was that his sanctimonious views aren't conveyed through his the groups they donate to, perhaps.

    What gheyz and liberals don't get is that it's your right to have opinions about issues opposed to their opinion. Their hypocrisy about tolerance is so transparent I think people are fed up. It's their right not to eat there...and protest if they want. But not their right to tell others they can't eat there or they're a (insert choice slur here) in order to bully you into not going there.

    In the end, liberals and gheyz have short memories....they'll be back at Chick-fil-A and all they've done is shown their @$$ and sold CFA more chicken. Just like libtards and the Kenyan are the best gun salesmen in history.
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    Guit_fishN, I concur and, like you, it's the bullying issue and the near hysterical response to his comments that ticks me off. You are perhaps focusing on the more secular left's reaction to the comments, while I am mainly focused on the primarily Fundamentalist Christian right's reaction to the comments. I don't know why there had to be any reaction to his comments at all.

    The man has a right to his opinions and he has a right to state those opinions in whatever forum he chooses. I maintain though that it isn't a smooth business move to alienate any segment of the population. Gay dollars spend just like straight dollars. I would perhaps understand his public comments better if his business was in some way religiously affiliated, but it's chicken for God's sake! (Irony noted)

    I am perhaps more sensitive to the bullying issue as it affects the secular segment of the population because I have suffered it myself for a very long time. While one hundred percent of the Christian faithful would maintain that they do not engage in any sort of "bullying", I would maintain that they do through their expectations, and assumption of absolute moral superiority. You don't see the negative effects of this until you become an outsider. While you're in the herd, you're just, well ..... one of the herd. (It's not my intent to compare Christians to Bovines, it's just a metaphor.) When you step outside of the herd, you become an outsider, something not be trusted, something to view with suspicion if not downright animosity.

    You (I don't mean "you" personally) won't see this reaction, and can't see this reaction, until you are outside of the herd. If you stay inside of it for life, you'll never see it, or understand how it feels to be on the outside. When I see the (so called) religious right start banging on their drums and marching down the street, it gets under my skin; and I say "so called" because there's a lot more hypocrisy than religion at work, IMO, when you try mixing religion and politics. My friends and family members are amongst those charging down to the Christian feeding trough that has lately become Chick-fil-A; and I know them personally, and I know that I understand nuclear physics better than most of them understand Christianity. They like being part of the herd, they like the clatter of horns and the thud of hooves when the herd is on the move; but they have never even tried to understand the religion, and moral tenants, that they espouse. It is simply what the herd believes, and is not to be questioned.

    So I'm not gay, I'm not a liberal, I'm not an Atheist, I'm not a Muslim, I'm not Hispanic, I'm not black, I'm not short, and I'm not a woman - I'm just your average, run of the mill, middle aged white guy; but it ticks me off to see any segment of our population oppressed and denied the rights to which they are entitled. Bullying, obvious or subtle, greatly annoys me.
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    There didn't have to be a reaction to his comments, except the media just LOVES to blow things out of proportion and put their own 'spin' on it so they have real 'news' to report.

    And if you look throughout history, anytime an oppressed group regains their freedom, they tend to get 'high' off it and start oppressing others. I just wish common sense would be regained by around 75% of the population. The other 25% would be for us to point and laugh at.

    Personally, I don't mention my 'religious' affiliation anymore because it's my personal choice/right and none of your business. I have no problem with people of different faiths/beliefs as long as they don't try and force other people to believe like they do. And I think it's really stupid to hold those kind of people up as representative of the whole religion. As stupid as it is to ask someone their own opinion on something and then get mad at them for doing it.
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    Chickfila is a family resturant not the Rainbow liberals are in a extremely sad state.
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    That Moose sure gets around.......
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    I would support chik fil a if only because I support freedom of speech. I don't agree with what the guy said but he does have the right to say it. The company is a private company so he can pretty much say what he wants. The biggest thing that the religion of the owners does is make their locations close on sundays. Now personally I think that part is the most offensive because their chicken is damn good and I occasionally want to go buy one on a sunday but can't.
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    Though I am not a 'good Christian' and don't ascribe to any major denomination or church, I agree with Mr. Cathy's views on marriage. He does NOT 'push' his views in his restaurants, and if he wants to close on Sunday, it's his choice as business owner. I no longer go to fast food joints as a health choice, but his is among the best of the flock.
    This whole flap on the personal opinion of one man is simply a sign of these troubled times, and the gays are doing themselves a lot of hurt in the public's eyes being so judgemental and showing a total lack of the tolerance they want mainstream society to show them. I wasglad to see the outpouring of public support for Chick-fil-A. It shows these Pink Thugs for the bullies they are , and that We The People aren't going to take it!
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