Chicken & Barnyard Terror

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Yard Dart, Sep 4, 2019.

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    With all the stuff in the news about pioneering lifestyles, raising your own food, and various ways how it can kill you.......makes me wonder if there is an agenda to sway folks from being self-sufficient. Seems to be a trend as of late.... or is my tinfoil wrapped to tight. [sheep]

    Salmonella outbreak connected to backyard poultry sickens more than 1,000 across 49 states: CDC

    Rooster pecked woman to death in 'rare' attack, report says

    Outbreaks of Salmonella Infections Linked to Backyard Poultry | Outbreak of Salmonella Infections Linked to Backyard Poultry | May 2019 | Salmonella | CDC

  2. Ura-Ki

    Ura-Ki Grampa Monkey

    IDK, but it seems kinda strange dont it!

    Add to this, the Poultry association got caught with it's pants down, plotting how to get more illegals to do the work and how little they could get away with paying them! Makes ya wonder just how healthy and safe these places are, when they can basically bypass the FDA inspectors, and we are constantly seeing/reading about the latest case or recal of poultry due to this or that nasty that could make us sick or worse! NO, I say your prolly safer on your own raising and butching your own as long as you have an idea of how to do it right and safely, and you don't have cross contamination with others stocks!
  3. Ganado

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    lol you are strung too tight if you are thinking paranoid government thoughts, but if you are thinking be careful so that your homegrown food supply is safe, then no you are not strung too tight

    .... 2003 most of the commercial poultry in Cali was destroyed because of a virus, passed on from humans to chickens .....
    National Briefing | West: California: Chickens Ordered Killed To Stem Virus
    Bird flu hits 5.3 million Iowa chickens; Hormel says turkey production down

    so you cannot be too careful with contamination. Its good to be cautious.

    someone who has chickens with a virus, who comes to your house and touches your chickens without washing their hands can pass on the virus easily.... bio security in your own back yard is a real concern.

    reminder, they incubate shots for inoculations in chicken media because its so adaptable.
  4. OldDude49

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    hmmm.... could there be a connection between this and all the antibiotics administered to our live stock industry over all the years???
  5. Dont

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    They are ramping up the propaganda for the FDA to take oversight and inspection for all home grown foods.. Been waiting for that shoe to drop for greater than 40years..

    To control a population take control of the necessary items to sustain life, food, water, shelter.. Look to Stalin's history..
  6. Thunder5Ranch

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    Salmonella and poultry go hand in hand. Typically pasture based poultry has a lower salmonella load than the concentrated big barn operations. I raised, processed, packaged and sold 5000 birds per year under the Poultry Processing Exemption for 20 years and could not stress enough to people COOK the birds to safe temps, DO NOT CROSS CONTAMINATE in the kitchen, and WASH YOUR HANDS after handling raw poultry and then WAS and Sanitize any surfaces, cutting boards and knives used on the raw poultry. Of course I stressed this with the beef and pork as well.

    The way people think about food has changed over the years and not in a good way. When a group of younger folks are buying chicken breast for example and educating you on the benefits of eating RARE poultry for example. They are begging to have a case of gut cramps and exploding anus syndrome. Then when they do they blame the producer for their own negligence and have a reasonably good chance of winning in court when they sue you. With regressing mental state of people I simple decided the liability was to high to continue selling packaged meats and poultry, to people that were planning on intentionally mishandling it, and would blame and sue you for their own incompetence.

    On the producer side of things BIO SECURITY on the farm no matter the size and scale is critical. People are the number one vector of disease in herds and flocks. Particularly the younger activist types that like to go around visiting small to mid size farms. They all want to pet and handle the calves, the piglets and the chickens........... just like they did on the 2-3 farms they visited before your farm. Every time they pet and touch whatever diseases were present on the previous farms has now been transmitted to your flock and herd. When you tell them why they can look from a safe distance but not touch and have to put plastic shoe covers on before entering the hatchery, farrowing barn or nursery pens and NOT touch the baby birds, calves or pigs they get really upset, even when you explain in detail that their simple act of petting or walking transmits diseases that are foreign to the farm and could kill 25% or more of the herd or flock. I finally got sick of dealing with the ignorance and just closed the farm to visitors outside of the store/kitchen area.

    The problem with backyard chickens.......... people treat them like pets instead of livestock. Many let them inside the home and well having a bird that carries a natural salmonella load on its skin and feathers walking around and shooting poop wherever the urge strikes it........... yeah yer gonna eventually lose that game and spend a lot of time debating whether to have the butt over the toilet or the head in the toilet.

    The act of producing your own food or producing yer own and for others has not changed much. What has changed are the people in the world and the ignorance and incompetence levels now days among the general public and sadly a large number of the people keeping poultry and livestock has hit epidemic levels. You want proof.... just wait until Thanksgiving and the news stories about how many people get sick from eating raw or under cooked make their annual rounds....... and the usual angle of how it is the producers fault for raising turkeys that have salmonella. Sigh there is a reason Grandma taught us to wash our hands and cook the meat until it is done :(
  7. runswithdogs

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    How the everclucking banty roosters do you get “pecked to death by chicken”o_O
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  8. oil pan 4

    oil pan 4 Monkey+++

    Chase it with some alcohol. That will kill the bacteria good and dead.
  9. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

    Chickens are dinosaurs. They are utterly merciless killers. Roosters are like psychotic serial killers that constantly channel their interior velociraptor. They have spurs that can cut like a razor, and they fear nothing.

    We had a rooster once named Herbie. A large military helicopter flew over the coop one day and he challenged it to come down and fight like a chicken.

    My daughter (still very young) developed the habit of walking into the chicken yard barefoot . Herbie developed the habit of pecking her toes.
    Herbie won.
    The last time I saw her go into the pen barefoot, she was walking in a pair of 5-gallon buckets to keep Herbie from trying to eat her toes.

    Shortly after that, we ate Herbie. He was even tougher dead than he had been alive.

    I saw an article a few days ago about a fox that got into a chicken house. Unfortunately, it was a commercial operation with 3,000 chickens in the battery. The automatic doors closed. The fox couldn't get out. The hens killed it.

    Never let a rooster attack you twice. If it attacks you once, kick it like a soccer ball. Greater force is the only message they understand. If you have a rooster too stupid to take the hint, cook it.

    (Great post ,Thunder5Ranch!)
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
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  10. runswithdogs

    runswithdogs Monkey+++

    Uh, yeah... 5lb dinosaurs.... tasty tasty dinosaurs... fair enough they can cause some nasty gouges but they not exactly terrifying.. I grew up on a farm... it was the turkey you had to keep an eye on.

    (& by the way, nothing funnier than watching a 35lb turkey chase a grown man around the truck... my uncle never wore those red wellies over again:D:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::D)
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  11. Ura-Ki

    Ura-Ki Grampa Monkey

    We NEVER ever set foot in any of the pens with out boat boots or Mucks, and full pants of chaps, and the boots stayed outside on the porch after getting washed off! WE never let just anyone wonder around the farm around the animals, and only those whose job it was to tend to the chickens were allowed in with the chickens, same with the beef or reindeer. We only had the pair of draft horses, and they were kept separate and away from all the other animals except the dogs, and the dogs were never allowed around any of the "Food" animals! Food was for eatin, not for pettin my Grand Mom always said, and we were expected to follow that! Grand Mom always handles the raw meat, and she always handled the cooking of, and while tasty, it was also well done! Mom always joked that Grand Mom was cookin the shit outta it, and not once did we ever get sick from eatin her cookin! Wild meats and the red meats was a different story, us men folk were to handle that, and we cooked it how we wanted it! We couldn't have fish around Grand Mom as she was allergic to it, so it got processed and handled elsewhere and when ever we ate it, it had to be handled in some other kitchen! To which we had a small set up in one of the bunk houses where we took care of it! Mostly Salmon and Steel head, so that usually got smoked, or grilled over an outdoor fire and eaten outdoors around the fire pit, which was a common eatin space when the weather was nice, as the house wasn't big enough to fit everybody for big meals!
  12. oil pan 4

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    Yeah I learned about chickens when I was a kid and threw a toad into the chicken area. They ripped it apart with in seconds.
    I went looking for another toad.
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  13. Thunder5Ranch

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    You should see a mouse get brave and try to make the run across the hen house here :) I stress the word TRY. Two things I am glad are small Chickens and Frogs. Frogs jut because anything that will fit in their mouth they can swallow.
  14. runswithdogs

    runswithdogs Monkey+++

    My mum saw one of her chickens grab and nom down an entire 2’ long garter snake once. o_O All by itself.
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  15. OldDude49

    OldDude49 Just n old guy

    have noticed folks that grew up on farms back during the depression... (my family all sides) cooked the SHIT out of everything...

    AND after working at my last job... and reading the news reports n such... I now understand why...

    parasites and such are NASTY critters and will F' you up!!!!

    cookin the SHIT outa stuff KILLS the SHIT outa em so they don't KILL you or make you so sick ya wish ya was dead...

    and my folks and those like em learned this on the FARM...

    and on another note... ever notice how the military treats food, and plates, n trays, n utensils, n shit? STEAM cleaning!

    they did studies during WWII and even before that... reason... they had too many enlistees that were carryin parasites...

    old 3 stooges joke... glass of water and burnt toast... you on a diet? NOPE got a tape worm and that's good enough for it...

    is based on FACT!
  16. A couple mornings ago I watched two cockerels fighting over a mouse one caught and killed. I laughed my head off, until I thought about what nasty stuff the mouse could be carrying. They pouted when I took it away. I'm not looking forward to butchering them. They are entertaining.
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  17. natshare

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    Ever watch video of a roadrunner, going after a rattlesnake? Let's just say, the snakes don't have a very good winning record! :eek:
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