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    This is actually for dragonfly but.... somebody else might be interested in a really great way to foil Wiley Coyote and those wascally wolves. I helped make a chicken tractor. It was easy.... if I can do it.... trust me.... anyone can. They're simple enough.... we use scrap materials except for the sheet metal used for the self feeders which is a little tricky but surely could be modified by somebody handier than me or use a standard 5 gallon galvanized feeder.

    This is a fantastic way to protect your livestock from ground and air attacks.... raptors do like chickens as much as coyotes and it's a fantastic way to reduce your feed bills too! The first photo is the actual chicken tractor. 2nd is where I lifted up the "lid" to try to photograph the feeders.... I didn't do so good but I tried. The 3rd illustrates how you scoot the chicken tractor up to fresh grass and new bugs every day. These tractors don't have wheels.... you literally just lift and drag and the chickens.... or turkeys in this case.... move with the enclosure. You can scoot these tractors all over the place fertilizing along the way and after about 10 days or so.... start all over in the same place you were from the get go. There are waterers on the ground that you can fill with a garden hose by lifting the lid.

    Easy peasy.... the concept is beautiful. What's even more beautiful about it is that it's functional and this size can accommodate about 20 chickens.
    Some more basic info here,
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    img_3120. img_3121. img_3125.
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    I'd say you have a big enough yard for them.
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    Ummm... not my yard.... sure do wish it was though. This yard belongs to a physics professor whose into sustainable agriculture. I'm actually going with a different set up because of where I am. We don't have wolves down by me.... wish we did but.... he definitely has wolves. You rarely see any of our coyotes during the day unless they're sick. We do have wild packs of dogs that you sometimes see during the day, birds of prey, and snakes. It's the snakes I'm mostly concerned about around me and not the little garter snakes. It's the bigguns which.... I happen to like that I've got to protect chickens from.
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    Awesome, Thanks!
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