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    I have been preparing to post this response after watching the coverage of this SPLC report on the "news" outlets. I watched each networks coverage and DVR'd it. It gave me chills.
    I have seen this before.

    I found this article that states what I have been thinking very well. All I would add is this:

    The demonization of the Patriot movement, including the Militias, allowed the administration at that time to implement legislation that would not have passed otherwise. It allowed them to quell people through intimidation and guilt through association into abandoning thier opposition to the administration. It quieted the sheep. It gave the pretense to crack down on a contrived enemy. Many believe that an event of that magnitude is imminent. The only question is what type of event will it be.
    There are two types of documented events that governments have been known use to implement heavy handed crackdowns. The one is the Riechstag Fire event and the other, lesser known is the Kirov type event.
    Sergei Kirov was a prominent leader of the Communist party and was widely considered to be Stalins likely successor. He was assassinated and enemies of the state were blamed. Stalin was soon granted new powers by the Party to investigate and punish those involved. It led to a widespread crackdown on any who opposed the government. And to the imprisonment and death of thousands.
    Kirov was hailed as a hero of the party. A city in the Ukraine was named in his honor. A class of warship was named for him.
    It was not until after Stalins death that it came to light that Stalin himself had ordered his secret police to kill Kirov.
    You can't watch a news program lately without a report on the increasing threats to politicians, and some news anchor wondering if it isn't just a matter of time.
    I don't believe it will be Obama. I think it will be some other high ranking government official. Maybe a member of his admistration. It will be blamed on crazy right wing extremists, gun nuts, etc. And then the crackdown will begin.

    Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
    Wednesday, 12 August 2009

    It's starting to feel like 1995 all over again.
    For 64 years, the Democrats possessed a monopoly of power in the House of Representatives (the two interruptions in 1946 and 1952 when the GOP eked out a tiny majority then quickly lost it don't count).
    The Dems' arrogance and conviction they had a moral "divine right" to their monopoly doubled in size when the Pubs tore themselves apart in an internal power struggle, with newcomer Newt Gingrich replacing long-serving Bob "You've got to go along to get along" Michael as Minority Leader.
    The Dems laughed at Newt's "Contract With America" as an amateurish and typically "stupid Republican" campaign ploy for the 1994 mid-term elections. They couldn't care less over the tidal wave of public anger building up over their arrogance - and that of the new Dem president, who was trying to ram a government seizure of health care down the throats of Americans.
    They were gobsmacked when they lost 50 seats and their majority to the Pubs, and were in a state of catatonic shock when Newt became Speaker Gingrich on January 4, 1995.
    The Republicans were on a roll, Big Government was to be rolled back to its Constitutional limits, our Republic was to be rescued from the miasma of liberal cultural destruction, the Democrat Party was to be dismantled like the Soviet Union.
    It was all over 105 days later. On April 19, 1995, the Oklahoma City Federal Building was blown up by a man portrayed as a right-wing anti-government terrorist.
    Bill Clinton, the Democrats in Congress, and the entire gang of their enablers in the media were able to smear the Gingrich Republicans and anyone advocating less government control over their lives with the brush of "right-wing terrorist" Timothy McVeigh.
    (What enabled them to do this was a picture, one heart-breaking photograph, as described in HYPERLINK Limbic Pictures from April 2005.
    Today, this summer of 2009, we have eerie echoes of the months that preceded the OKC bombing. As public anger rose against the Dems and the Clintons, hardly a week passed without some media exposé of the threat of "right-wing militias." Remember?
    So what suddenly appears in the media this week? Headlines blaring "Officials See Rise in Militia Groups across US."
    Articles quoting Zero's Dept. of Homeland Security: "White supremacists and militias are more violent and thus more likely to conduct mass-casualty attacks on the scale of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing."
    "It's only a matter of time," claims an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, the same outfit of fascists that precipitated the Waco Massacre (see America's Saddam from September 2002.)
    Yes, it is only a matter of time - until Zero and his Chicago thugs perpetrate some heinous terrorist act for which they and the media can blame "anti-government un-American right-wing hate groups ."
    Don't think that Nancy Pelosi's accusation of "un-American mobs" of "angry right-wing" protestors at town halls "waving swastikas" was an emotional outburst. It was setting the stage. Folks, we are being set up. Just like in 1995.
    The only question is, what sort of staged terrorist act will be perpetrated? That there will be one is a sure bet. What it will be is anyone's guess. My own guess is that it will be a staged attempt (which will of course fail) on Zero's life.
    One tip off: the media is starting to run stories about death threats to Zero and connecting them to "right-wing protests."
    The goal of such a failed attempt will be to unleash black race riots, justify massive thuggish violence against any Tea Party public gathering, and morally shame conservatives into shutting up or else be shunned as part of "Racist America."
    But I could be wrong. Maybe Rahm Emanuel and his SEIU thug buddies will conclude that such an attempt is not shockingly heinous enough to stop the public anger against them and their boss in its tracks. So maybe they'll go for duplicating that photo in Limbic Pictures - deciding, hey, it worked for Bill Clinton, right?
    Personally, I don't think that Slick was evil enough to actually perpetrate the OKC bombing. The famous British journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard told me after exhaustive investigation he was convinced it was an FBI sting gone wrong.
    (The FBI had an informant close to McVeigh and knew all about the plot. They meant to catch McVeigh just before the act, but they screwed up and the building blew.)
    Are Zero, Emanuel, Andy Stern of SEIU, evil enough to perpetrate an actual act of "right-wing terrorism" rather than stage a failed attempt? I don't know, and that's frightening enough.
    What we do know is that we are up against an evil worse than the Clintons, worse than has ever occupied the White House and the halls of Congress. This evil will not go quietly into the night. The more it is pushed into doing so, the more desperately depraved will be its attempt to keep its power.
    So the question is not, will Zero go to Oklahoma, but when. We must expect it and not be surprised. And we must be prepared to reject the fraud with all the physical and moral strength we can muster.

    The Kirov effect.

    The aftermath of Kirov's death is more important than the death itself. It would effect the life of a nation for more than three generations. Kirov's death would trigger show trials, purges, and the ultimate demise of thousands and perhaps millions of people. In a classic move of blaming others for his own crime, Stalin would conjure gigantic plots tied to the death of Kirov. Eventually the purges would destroy the infrastructure of the Soviet Union, while decimating the ranks of workers, professionals, and military men.
    Interestingly enough, after Kirov's death, Stalin would laud him to the skies, even naming a class of battleship after him.

    Aftermath of the Kirov Murder
    Stalin would, indeed, use the assassination of Sergei Kirov to his own political ends. First the assassination itself eliminated the growing personal power of Kirov, a power Stalin feared, perhaps justly. Yet with Kirov out of the way, it now became in his best interest to promote Kirov's cult of personality. It was thus that he allowed a city in Ukraine to be named in his honor. The ballet in Leningrad (Petersburg), of which Kirov was so fond, was changed to the "Kirov Ballet". Even a class of warship would later be named for the dead hero.
    The new procedural laws Stalin had forced through the Central Executive Committee gave him frightening power to investigate and destroy any person or group of his choosing. Stalin wielded the new powers like a dull saber, cutting and hacking every adversary and leaving a bloody and gruesome trail wherever he went. He started by destroying his "ideological oponents", Kamenev, Zinoview and Bukharin. These men, through evidence gained by torture, coercion and fabrication were implicated in the assassination. Fantastic show trials were held. These men, their wives, families and associates were ruthlessly destroyed, usually with a bullet through the back of the head.
    Purges and trials would continue in Kirov's name until the Soviet Union became embroiled in a world war, consuming even those who were not even remotely connected to Kirov, but only posed a perceived threat to the Great Dictator, Stalin.
    To this day, no one knows all the facts surrounding the Kirov Murder. (Much of the information is still hidden away in musty Soviet Archives. Some was destroyed at the instigation of Krushev.) Yet there is enough evidence to justly say that Stalin was likely involved and even if he was not, he used Kirov's death to murder thousands, perhaps millions of others.
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    Actually, the part about the OKC attack was incorrect. There were several secondaries in the building, some went off, and the media reported on it as it happened (news feeds were later withdrawn and recanted, naturally), and the rest of the explosives were hauled away (also covered by the local media).

    As for the catalyst which will spurn a police state crackdown on all gun owners and private militias, well...that's an obvious one, really. It is only a matter of time. Politics and economics will continue to play at the heart of this struggle; it is the way change will occur, and the outline for tyranny to come into full swing is quickly being carried out every day.
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    I don't agree with their summation either. I know first responders that were inside the building just after the explosion(s) and saw det cord and C4. It was much bigger than two patsy's like Mcviegh and Nichols.
    And it doesn't really matter if you beleve that the Clintonista Cabal had anything to with it or not. No one can deny that they took full advantage of it. The anti terrorist legislation that was passed just after was already written. The crackdown on the patriot movement went into full force. And there was little to no outcry from the people. It cowed people into rejecting any kind of political activism for fear of being branded with the militia, right wing, label. They didn't let a "perfectly good crises go to waste." ala Saul Alinski's manual.
    The bombing and it's aftermath served the purposes of the administration to a tee. In any crime you look to see who benefits.

    And this current administration is made up of what? A whole lot of former Clintonista's!! Seems like the same old playbook is still being used.
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    Ye gods and little fishes. Such a thing pushes my ability to comprehend the audacity, not to mention the conspiracy and the number of people that would have to be in on it. And poses the question whether or not such a conspiracy could possibly gin up a false flag operation of such complexity and immorality as to sanction that much loss of innocent life without a hint of a leak.

    The lone whacko theory makes far better sense, but even that does not excuse wholesale shakedowns in (for example) airport waiting lines.

    So brand me naive. Awake and aware, but naive all the same.
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    From everything I have learned about OKC I believe that it was an "Oh Shit!" type of operation. It is apparent to anyone doing the basic research that many knew something was going to happen. All ATF agents were sent a message to stay home that morning. The FBI bomb squad was called out and seen stationed not far from the Murrah building as early as 3 a.m. Many believe that the detonation was supposd to be early that morning before anyone arrived. It was known that an anfo bomb would do little damage so the columns were set with C4 charges to sever them and bring down the building, thus giving the administration the pretense needed to implement crackdown legislation that was already written.

    But something went wrong and the patsy with the Ryder truck didn't arrive until after people started to arrive for work. The columns were already wired and it would only be a matter of time until the charges were discovered. The low powered anfo bomb was allowed to go off thinking it would only blow out some windows and then they could evacuate the building and recover the charges. But somehow the anfo blast triggered some of the nearest charges to go off and sever some of the columns and brought down most of the building (Oh Shit!).

    The reports of secondary bombs were entirely correct. Many of the first responders were former military and knew det cord and C4 when they saw it. They were evacuated while the evidence was removed. The cover up began in earnest and anyone who dared to counter the "official" story was silenced.

    The intent of the overseers of this op was accomplished. I don't believe it was their intention to kill any citizens but it accomplished their goals none the less.

    I think that this type of Riechstag event is complicated and maybe TPTB have learned from that. I believe if any type of false flag op occurs to give this administration the pretense it needs to crack down on dissent it will be a much simpler ( KISS ) type of op this time. A Kirov type of political assassination or attemted one. Carried out by the prototypical "Lone wolf" but inspired by the hate speech of the militias, the conservative talk radio hosts (remember patriot radio show host Mark Koernke being the "second most wanted man in the country" after the OKC bombing?) and the white supremacists who just can't stand it that a black man is in the white house.

    Just watch the rhetoric and we'll see if anything happens or not. But it is eeirily reminiscent of the 90's. It appears to many who lived it before that the stage is being set once again.
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    I also Distinctly remember secondary devices being found and reported on national, there was a news video clip of bomb squad folks driving an explosive disposal trailer up to the wrecked building.
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