China builds a database on Americans

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mindgrinder, Jun 9, 2015.

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    Or Columbia, just had to dump a "redirection" program that got installed on the computer. Home server for that program was in Columbia.

    Slowed things down and hijacked requested site to their site of choice to "shop". Not a Trojan or Virus, most likely some family punched a sucker button and a Ex file was loaded.
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    No dispute from me.
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    Essentially, the case is being formed around the premise that the Chinese Government is involved with secret clandestine espionage which serves to threaten cyber security. The question then becomes, "what can we do to stop this?" And the answer is, "We need more obtrusive government and internet police." Which is exactly the kind of "security" the .GOV will be pushing to combat this "threat" from China. Whether the Chinese hacking events by this group are entirely true or not -really isn't important at this stage. The enemy will be perceived as a threat, even if they must be created out of thin air. Kind of like Al Qaeda and ISIL.
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    China has your stuff also MG :(
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    Just smaller and cheaper....:rolleyes:
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    barry has his databases the more the merrier.
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    Isn't this what CATO posted a week ago?
    American government data base Chinese database.

    Having not seen the real score card in years I don't know who is worse. China or America. The only difference is we are fighting our own USA gov in legal battles to try and maintain the constitution and bill of rights. We would never have that option in China.
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    The answer is simple.... Put your Data on a DarkNet Server that does NOT answer any Inquiry Packets from Red China IP Addresses..... That would force them to use their Embassies, and Embassy local IP Addresses, for their snooping, and those can be easily managed by the NSA..... Who wants to exchange Data with them ANYWAY.....
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    We have 51% chineese imigrants in Vancouver...they'll have the politicians soon enough too.
    At least as trading partners...the chinesse pay their bills.
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    Ya...ok....if only it was that easy.
    They can vpn tunnel or spoof off any residential or business account that gives them access.
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