China Plans To Invade US November

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by enloopious, Aug 2, 2022.

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    Time to find your favorite blade of grass ,,, this may be that blaze of glory I've been looking for .
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    Well that could get real interesting;)
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  4. enloopious

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    Why would China invade the US --all they would be gaining is a population on the government tit, people that won't work. Now if they plan on a mass extermination of the US population they would be gaining a vast reserve of hydrocarbon resources, unlimited farm land and enough land to relocate and populate half their people in the new China.
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    giphy (1).
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    Put simply, China doesn't have the means to invade, and if they somehow tried, there would be a lot of flaming dead floaters all across the pacific ocean! A proper invasion required large numbers of ships, ships are slow and easy targets! An Airborne assault would be more likely, but again, planes can be tracked and shot down with impunity long before they reached our shores! Don't think the U.S Mil has the stomach for that, WW-II saw the wholesale slaughter of Jap troops sailing on ships to the Pacific islands, one 24 hour stretch cost the Japs over 58,000 fighting men!

    Now, China could release another bug upon the world, something far worser then the Koof, that would buy them the time to sail slow ships to the wet coast, but they would still have the "Blades of Grass" to deal with, not a good look!

    China would be putting it all out there at risk to play this game, they would be extremely foolish to try, and unless it's some sort of "lets light the fuse and watch the whole world burn" kinda deal, them invading simply ain't gonna happen!
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  9. johnbb

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    Those sneaky chicoms are working on a death bug that is selective to the America gene --depopulate the USA ------ultimate tin foil hat conspiracy joking
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  10. Ura-Ki

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    More plausible then you might think, another China Bug plays to their advantage globally, they remove us, India, and several other "needy" countries, and it's a big win for them, bonus if they kill off a bunch of their own, fewer mouths to feed, more room to play!
    I don't think it's tin foil now, I think it's likely given the worlds over population combined with sever shortages of food and water, not just here, but many other countries, and this would help explain why Gates and other megalomaniacs have bought up YUGE tracts of farm lands in the U.S! I seriously doubt Billy plans to grow viable crops of food or animals for food, No, he is scooping it all up to put a strangle hold on available land to some day force his agenda, as well as ensuring only "His Kind of People" survives what's coming! Think about it, why in hell would a washed up has been computer geek buy up a shit load of farm land, he ain't no farmer, dosn't know the first thing about farming, or raising cattle, but he has money to buy the right sort of folks to do it all for him and to ensure he and only he survives!
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    Well ,,, they've got 1/2 or better of our population with diminished immunity with this koof jab ,,, shouldnt take much of a bug to capitalize on that ,,, I'm not sure we're the big kid on the playground anymore ,,, I think we have the potential ,,, I just don't think we've got the leadership for it . And I'm not sure about our woke troops ,,,
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  12. BTPost

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    and how many Troop Ships would the chinese navy have to have to bring the entire invasion force to American Shores, if we destroyed the West coast ports of Long Beach, SanFra, Portland, and Seattle?
  13. enloopious

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    Do you think that slow Joe would stop them even with a 1 year float across the pond? WW2 had a president who wanted to protect US.

    Now I don't doubt that this is some sort of Art of War move to make us think they are strong when they are not. I mean really, only 2 leaked videos ever to make it out of the country? What are the chances. My guess is that they want Taiwan in the worst way so they are puffing themselves up to try and prevent us from saving them.

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  14. enloopious

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    I was there years ago when Chinese stealth subs launched a missile out of LA harbor as a warning. They could easily launch a stealth attack using shipping containers filled with guns, robots, troops etc. There are a lot of options but lets hope they don't figure them out.
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  15. johnbb

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    The Chinese don't have to invade --they are slowly buying up millions of acres of US farm land as well as housing and companies etc.
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  16. enloopious

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  17. oil pan 4

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    If china's navy took on Japan or south Korea they would be severely depleted. Russias navy would fall part, as it's being held together with rust.

    No replacement for displacement:
    Largest Navies in the World 2022
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  18. Bandit99

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    "...Chinese military are discussing their invasion of America planned for this November."
    Oh Good! Well, since they are coming during the winter months, we assume they will hit the warmer beaches of California...and they can have it, the entire state. Hell, they probably own most of the politicians there already so... Good luck to them.
  19. johnbb

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    Bidumb will be on the Killafornia beach waving in his Chicom buddies in, Hunter will be steering the first landing craft. Piglosie will be giving them the keys to Killfornia
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    Combine that with Joe sending all of our military equipment to Ukraine. He gave them a lot of missiles, tanks, ect. Plus they've been setting fire to food supply warehouses and have not been shipping fertilizer.

    Plus, China will cut off the supply chain the US as soon as war starts. Plus they've been draining Lake Mead and trying to blow up the Hoover dam. This one might be a tin foil hatter- but it has been reported that HAARP has been developing weather weapons for decades, which could be an explanation for the heat wave, so they can justify their global warming crusade.

    Also, Devin Nunes of California signed a bill to allow Chinese military craft onto the beaches of California. I have also heard reports of Chinese military bases being set up in the US, Canada and Mexico. They are also getting pretty close to crashing the dollar. They've also brain washed the American people pretty good, so they think that the gov't loves them. They've been watching Mocking Bird CIA movies and the Mocking Bird press and NPR since the day they were born. Most Americans think everything is fine and dandy and have no clue we're on the brink of collapse and are utterly unprepared. They have no guns, no food, no shelter, no preps, and they don't have the mindset to survive what's coming. They will have the deer in headlights effect going on.

    So the globalists have stacked the cards pretty high against the American people.
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