China to export yuan to BRICS

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    So China wants to deal with other nations in Yuan instead of USD?

    Who woulda thunk that would be a good idea?

    China to export yuan to BRICS — RT

    Divesting away from the almighty greenback? Say it isn't so!

    Time to start another war! Isn't this basically one of the reasons we are all hot to trot and want to spank Iran. Just because they want to trade oil for PMs like gold and silver?

    Wonder when we are going to attempt to squash china?[stirpot]
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    Chicken and egg. Iran wants to trade oil for gold because the USA imposed economic sanctions (freezing them out of the international banking system / SWIFT).

    On the larger issue, the USA just recently threatened the same economic sanctions against India, China et. al.:
    PressTV - US threatens India with sanctions over Iran trade

    U.S. Wants Iran Oil Buyers to Pledge Cuts or Risk Sanctions - Bloomberg

    It may just be me, but I don't think economic sanctions against China and India are going to work out too well. Well, it's not just me...

    “Swift” Kick To The US Dollar « Jim Sinclair's Mineset

    So, what are the BRICs gonna do about it? Apparently, they are going to build their own banking clearing house:
    BRICS Bank Could Change the Money Game - IPS

    Jim Sinclair summarizes the issue:
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