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    Ok so this is a pretty heavy read but the explanations for why the USD will experience wide fluctuations in the coming years and why china's remember will increase in value.

    What was even more interesting is they talk about negotiation for how these numbers are calculated and discuss bringing assets into the mix so that currencies could be more asset based in how they are traded for SDR's. This is the 1st time I've seen decent evidence of going to asset backed valuation of currencies. There is hope!

    SDR Negotiations – A Visual Guide (FREEPOM) | Philosophy of Metrics
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    Asset backed currencies are nice until you try to redeem them for said asset.
    If the government doesn't want to swap 'em, how are you/we going to make follow through.

    Nations would have better luck than common peeps. They have armies and WMDs. We've got pitchforks and sharp sticks.

    Again, SDRs are not for common folk, Just nations.
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    Lol all true and how is that different that fiat currency?
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    @grando thanks for the post, that is a lot to digest.
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    It is complex and worth discussion. While visutrac and I don't necessarily see eye to eye I do appreciate his comments as he had a very valid point.

    I was discussing uranium deposits. Wing purchased by Russians the other day with someone who was upset about it and I told them not too worry as most of those deposits won't come out of the ground and if they did exporting is next to impossible. Which is basically the same argument visutrac used above. And he made me think about it which is always good.
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