Chinese Incursion Leaves India on Verge of Crisis

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    May 03, 2013
    Associated Press| by Nirmala George

    NEW DELHI -- The platoon of Chinese soldiers slipped across the boundary into India in the middle of the night, according to Indian officials. They were ferried across the bitterly cold moonscape in Chinese army vehicles, then got out to traverse a dry creek bed with a helicopter hovering overhead for protection.

    They finally reached their destination and pitched a tent in the barren Depsang Valley in the Ladakh region, a symbolic claim of sovereignty deep inside Indian-held territory. So stealthy was the operation that India did not discover the incursion until a day later, Indian officials said.

    China denies any incursion, but Indian officials say that for two weeks, the soldiers have refused to move back over the so-called Line of Actual Control that divides Indian-ruled territory from Chinese-run land, leaving the government on the verge of a crisis with its powerful northeastern neighbor.

    Indian officials fear that if they react with force, the face-off could escalate into a battle with the powerful People's Liberation Army. But doing nothing would leave a Chinese outpost deep in territory India has ruled since independence.

    "If they have come 19 kilometers into India, it is not a minor LAC violation. It is a deliberate military operation. And even as India protests, more tents have come up," said Sujit Dutta, a China specialist at the Jamia Milia Islamia university in New Delhi.

    Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Thursday that Chinese troops had been carrying out normal patrols and had not crossed the boundary.

    "China is firmly opposed to any acts that involve crossing the Line of Actual Control and sabotaging the status quo," she said at a daily briefing in Beijing as she was repeatedly questioned about the dispute.

    The timing of the crisis, weeks before Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is to visit India, has surprised many here. The Chinese leader's decision to make India his first trip abroad since taking office two months ago had been seen as an important gesture toward strengthening ties between rival powers that have longstanding border disputes but also growing trade relations.

    Analysts said they were baffled by Beijing's motives, since its actions could force India to move closer to Beijing's biggest rival, the United States.

    "The Chinese for some reason don't seem able to see that," said Joshi.

    China's aggressive posture could also force India to accelerate its own military modernization program, analysts said.

    Chinese Incursion Leaves India on Verge of Crisis |
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    India should just go Bomb the crap out of them.... and Publish the Maps, of the locations, in the UN Security Council.... Showing the smoking Hole in the ground.... That is how you treat Bullies... and China is a bully.....
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    If the Chinese are indeed 19 km inside the border, it would be a fairly simple matter to put Indian troops behind them. Uncomfy, I'd say, if they were cut off.

    Interesting and potential a problem over that border.
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    If you look at the terrain, it would be very hard to do so, due to the narrow valley that the camp is in, and the proximity to the boarder river they crossed. The Indians would have to either use a Helo Insertion, or sneak around the camp, at night, and avoid all detection, while doing it. Not an easy thing to do.... Better to just document everything and make them disappear in a Giant Smoking Hole, in the ground. They could always say it was a Ordinance Malfunction. The Indians use that excuse all the time up in Cashmere.... .....
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    It wouldn't be the Indians fault that the Chinese decided to camp right in the middle of their bravo bombing target used for training exercises. Wonder if they have any Fuel/Air ordnance they need to test. I bet over pressure in that canon would be a bitch.
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    Meh....I think the claims could easily be sorted....the Line of Control would be plotted by GPS......the location of the Chinese encampment could be plotted by GPS......send a suicide detachment of of Falun Gong evangelists to the encampment GPS co-ordinate to bring freedom to the uniformed Asylum seekers from the PRC. Either the soldiers will desert the PLA and claim asylum, or run away back to their own side of the border in fear of the dreaded Falun Gong.
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    If I was the Indian's I would just come in force and set up a camp surrounding them and just make life difficult....
    India does not want a shooting war with China, the last time they lost a chunk of sq. miles in territory....

    Sino-Indian War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Reminds me of the time that Spetsnaz left ration wrappers, on purpose, in Alaska.
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    It looks to me like they might be loosing a bit more in the not too far future.
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    the US will be called in to mediate the situation .... it will be determined by all three countries that it's Bush's fault .....
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    I was going to respond to your post with something like this administration can not leverage any kind of foreign policy let alone mediate two parties with a conflict. But then you came out with the fact that it's Bush's fault- brilliant..... that is exactly what they will do!! [bow]
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    Everything is the fault of the Bush Family AND the Clintons, the Gores, the McCains, the Gingrich cartel, the Obama regime, Most of Congress and the rest of the world elite who relish war for profit. Bush is a freaking monster and clearly a member of the global elite. He sits on 10% of the worlds fresh water in Paraguay. When the truth comes out about this maggot(whom I voted for twice) the entire country will want to hang the bastard by his testicles. No less a maggot is Bill Clinton. Without the deals these two Socialists made the new world order would be years behind in its quest for one government over all people of the earth. Both political parties in the United States are corrupt to the cores.

    As long as there is a war somewhere the world central banks are making piles of money. War for profit. The Global military industrial complex. How many of you have seen the newest United States Navy advertisement? It calls our Navy a GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD. The constitution states we are to maintain a navy however the founders intent was for protection of this country. Defense of the The United States is not a Global force for Good. This nothing more then more of the" New Normal". This phrase is being used all over the world now to give reason to all of the socialist changes. Hey don't worry my brother, It's the New Normal.
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