Chinese investor group to buy Chicago Stock Exchange

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Garand69, Feb 6, 2016.

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    Bit by bit chewing away at the county's financial pillars. Wonder how much of the country is controlled by foreign financial interests these days?
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    How is your Mandarin and Cantonese...... might want to brush up on it. [sarc2]
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    No, just bought more '06 and planted more grass.
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    They own huge swaths of land and debt, why not start with the economy directly?
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    Well they bought GM for $48 mil in cash and took over untold billions in debt and paid for it in cash. The Chinese literally walked in with suitcases of cash, "You will accept the amount in US cash, yes?" Then opened the suitcases and said that should cover it. You think GM will be building tanks, trucks, whatever in the coming war with China? China owns most of the gold mines in the US and many of the silver, copper, etc. mines, you think they will be mining materials the US needs for war when it happens? The US can not build navy ships (the Naval Reserve is a sick joke and half the ships have sunk and the rest are rusted junk) as there are no US steel companies (I could stop there) that can make the beams needed to build battleships, etc. and the beams are imported from.... lets see,... hmmmm.... China! Need I add that the steel for tanks are imported from China? Maybe if the Chinese move to Chicago they will sell the stock exchange back to us cheap when they leave!
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    One day America may wake up and discover that it is a Province of China. On the other hand, the more the Chinese commit their
    resources to manufacturing in America, the stronger our economy will be when we nationalize them.
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    Maybe China has more faith in our economy then their. There have been rumors of big trouble in China.
    Exclusive: China to lay off five to six million workers, earmarks at least $23 billion
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    NOOOOOOO! Not our bacon!!!!! Time to draw the line...
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    The Chinese are in negotiations to buy the failed Hard Rock Park here in Myrtle Beach from the Russian who currently owns it. They already own a number of hotels and Arabs own all of the beachwear shops. Of course, Indians own the independent motels and convenience stores and staff them with Eastern European help during the summer, except the hotels who use Malay and Phillipino house keepers. A walk through the mall finds all the Kiosks are owned and operated by Israelis. As long as Americans are willing to sell to whoever has the money, this will continue to be the trend.
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