Chinese new Gun ship

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by workhorse, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Buy our bonds with our "made in China" purchase dollars; a vicious circle..
  3. Seawolf1090

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    Standard off-the-shelf light utility chopper (looks ripped off from Aerospatiale) fitted with unguided rockets. Nothing to be impressed about.
    An Apache would swat it like a fat fly. [beat]
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    As China is investing and we are cutting, in time we will see where they are militarily as compared to where we are.

    Our order of priorities is to spend on welfare and illegals; theirs is to be the dominant regional power.
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    It may lack the sophistication of a US Apache, but I bet they can build 10-1 in numbers and afford to support them. With 1.2 billion guinea pigs to use as fodder in a war, I doubt China is too concerned about quality as much as quantity to overwhelm their adversaries.
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    yep; We found that out in Korea back in the 50s.
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    We lost lots of planes to cheap MIGS in VN also. I WWII the Mitsubishi Zeros were the best dog fighters because they were light (no armor). We prevailed because we had more fighters. Just at wars end they--like the Germans--came out with a superior fighter. Too late to change the outcome but we learned from both of them. China will not be just locally dominant but "THE" world military power within 15 yrs-probably ten. They are building subs, aircraft carriers(worlds largest-and can land/take off on two decks-catamaran type), surface ships, aircraft, and increasing their land abilities also. Am urging my kids/grands to learn Chinese. They are working toward having the strongest military in the world and in my opinion will have shortly. We will see them take Taiwan just like the Germans did the Sudanland and other countries as it's might grew. Others will stand by and us also. It will give them the boldness to "annex" other lands. If Russia and China join forces we, and the rest of the world will fall under their hands.
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    From the beginning the other guy was always better; but lost.

    Zhi-10 Attack Helicopter -

    Z-10 Attack Helicopter |

    There are some differences in these pictures and the first link.

    "The helicopter is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67C turboshaft engines. The PRC will need to obtain the engine production license, or develop an alternative engine before the serial production of the helicopter can begin."

    China will ignore getting a license.
  9. Seawolf1090

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    Ah so! Much betta! Real 'Attack Helicopter', the Z-10!

    This will something to be careful of on the coming battlefields.....
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    looks like 70's era LAU -3/A's With mk-40 FFAR 2.75 rockets.... we left a bunch of this technology in Nam...
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    We have an absolutely blistering air attack.

    Weaponry reduces numbers. Currently the US owns the conventional battlefield. This leaves opponents two avenues; weapons of mass destruction or weapons of mass disruption. Which is why every nut job in the Middle East are scrambling to get a nuke. Currently China couldn't get it done.
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