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    Choosing the right calibre is always a good consideration when hunting for specific game...sure, you could drive a golf ball with a putter, and put with a sand wedge if you had to, but choosing the right club / calibre for the target makes life so much easier.


    Via: How To Choose the Right Caliber [INFOGRAPHIC] - Wide Open Spaces
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    I wonder how many will catch the .375H&H error. Once upon a time I had to have one, or so I thought. The .375H&H is not a straight cased cartridge. In fact, if pictures were taken of individual rounds of 30-06 and .375H&H separately and enlarged and cropped with no reference to actual size, and the enlargements showed both complete cartridges as say 8 inches long, you would be hard pressed to tell them apart.
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    AFRICA? I recommend the 7mm Rem mag instead of the .375, since it can be used to cover all the bases except small game, bringing your total rifle needs from three to just two. There's no need to hunt on the African continent anyway, but just in case, the 7mm Rem mag can function well enough. And this is just rifles, not handguns. Personally, I prefer the .308 for North American hunting, even though a 7mm mag is nice to have on hand for those extra long range days and the certainty of a near instant kill. Tough call for some folks. I like this chart, but it is a bit extreme going hardcore safari with recommendations.
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    The Chart is a very BIG over-reach, in generalization, on Calibre Choices, since the only criteria it uses, is Case Volume. I mean REALLY, if that is what you are using to decide what to shoot, you are missing 90% of the criteria, you should be considering. The BIGGEST missing criteria, is Projectile, both in Weight, and Design. Then there is Powder, that can make a huge difference, when combined with Projectile, in how a particular Calibre, effectively hunts. Then there is the individual Loading, that needs to be designed for the Barrel of the weapon, in use.
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    @tacmotusn, @Brokor, @BTPost

    I mostly posted the poster for the Jurrassic Park recommendation, more so than specific calibers for target game. Note that there are no recommendations for varmint primate species! :oops:
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    Saw this in the commercial for the movie Lone Survivor: “Never shoot a large-caliber man with a small-caliber bullet.
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