Christmas Contest- Guess the Brass

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    I hate to inform you of this , but I've already picked this number . but if you want it bad enough , I'll change my guess . Check post #3 .:D
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    Sorry,I’ll change to 551.
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    Starting to sound like The Price is Right on here...hahaha
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    Well I have no clue... biglaff

    only one person knows and that person is not me. The beer glass, brass and 3 shells belong to one of our members who kindly suggested a guess the brass contest. Tomorrow he will take over and give us all the number we have been waiting for. He is a sneaky one because there was discussion on where to mention the shells.

    Last call for guess the brass...........
  6. Zimmy

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    Two 350 Rnd bulk boxes plus 3 shotshells was my rationale
  7. hot diggity

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    Shucks, I've tried to count them through the glass, figure the size of the glass, and do some fuzzy math to reach a number I like.
    There must be an easier way.
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  8. Cruisin Sloth

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    Im sticking with my dart throw !!
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    Grab ya a book off the shelf . Flip thru the pages and make a random stop , take that page number , divide that number by 2 , then multiply that by 10 . There's your lucky number . (y)
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    I'm donating my 25.00 Amazon card back to the monkey!
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  11. Cruisin Sloth

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    Im also donating it . We have a Sally-Ann or a food bank for Vets ?? In Canada We do .
    Im a SA bell ringer ,plus .
    To what the clan who guessed on this thread ,, can vote on to where it go's if my number is close .
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    Good morning Monkey's. I'm visiting the doctor this morning, but for those that haven't figured it out, the brass contest photo was KIMG3063. not a stock photo off the internet. I'll keep you in suspense until lunch time, and then I'll do the big announcement. :)
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    Alright, here's the numbers everybody has been waiting for. There were 34 votes (35 if we count one double vote) The boot is full, the shot shells were 12 and 16ga, they were empty, but had no .22 inside.

    Elevendydozen doesn't work in my calculator. Furthest off without going over = 944.142674. Furthest over = 1248. Third place missed it by 68, second by 51 and the winner by only 23.

    My most recent Picture of the day post was a tease, but shows the scale of the boot glass with a 12 ounce can for scale.

    If anybody thinks I was going to sit around and count all those rounds, I have news for them.... even when doing absolutely nothing, I manage my time efficiently.

    This was my counting technique. More of a subtraction problem. Three 325 count boxes of ammo, minus 23 = 952 +/- three shot shells.

    Congratulations to Techsar with a guess of 978 including the shot shells!

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  15. Cruisin Sloth

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    I demand a recount! I know Putin or some other commie influenced the count! Or you failed to fully disclose just how many of those beers were consumed before loading the boot.
  17. Ganado

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    great contest Moto and Hot Digitty and gratz Techsar!
  18. Motomom34

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    Congratulations @techsar!!!!

    Thank you to all monkeys who entered, it was fun. And thank you @hot diggity for suggesting this contest. Now you can use your beer glass.
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  19. hot diggity

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    First I have to put the .22 ammo back in the boxes. Digital scale will make counting unnecessary. That thing is too big anyway, it's contaminated, and it'll make a nice pen and pencil holder in the shop. I seem to always be digging around for a pencil. :)
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    What's for New Years?
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