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    I know it is after the holidays but thought I would share. My boys have been raised as Survival Monkeys, they have the mind set that many youth does not. Because of their up bringing, their Christmas gifts often reflect the life style.

    Here are a few of the gifts they received that have the outdoor/ survival genre:
    (These gifts come from family, not just me)

    Heated vests:

    This was an interesting product because it can be worn normally but has the battery pack that can be used in extreme weather. The battery lasts up-to 8 hours (we have not tested that claim yet) and can be charges easily in your car or with power bank but would take longer. The one pictured is not the one they got but close.

    Car Oven:
    car oven.

    I like this product and have plans to try this out this weekend. Not sure if I would do raw chicken but it is a slow cooker/ hot plate. It doesn’t get hot but has a steady warmth that heats/cooks foods. Since it is a flat heating unit with canvas sides, there is a limit to what it can do. I believe this is a good item for long distant trips.

    Kelly Kettle:
    kelly kettle.

    They got the Ultimate Scout Kit. This was a home run gift and was tried out the next day. Truthfully, I have not seen it since Christmas because it has been in one of the cars and has been used a few times when car camping. Glad we got the Ultimate because the accessories that came with it are perfect. Camping kettle and camp stove camping supplies and outdoor gear
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    Great gift ideas... Been itching for a Solo Stove for a year, put out hints and got socks! Go figure!!
  3. DKR

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    Cool beans. A honest hot lunch on the road is a monster deal. Wish I'd had one of these on my many trips from Las Vegas to Tonopah and back.

    Please do a review on the oven....
  4. natshare

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    They figured you wanted to stay warm, so you got socks. At least your feet are warm, right?? :rolleyes::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    I like the idea of the wearable heater. I got a battery powered cushion with a rechargeable battery like that and the battery gets used all year long as a back-up battery for phones and other rechargeables.

    The Kelly Kettle has always been a winner. Great company and amazing customer support. Maybe you need to get your own?

    If they're using it while car camping or at work they might want to try wood pellets as fuel. Just put a piece of screen over the fuel feed hole and fill up the fire base. Squirt it with denatured alcohol and put the kettle on. Wood gas flame without continuous feeding. (I am at sea level, so I do have an easier time making fire than folks at higher elevation.)
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  6. Cruisin Sloth

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    Since I visit many farms moving stock and fuel , I know many of the wife's or the ladies of those farms.Rarely do i stop in the house because of the boots are a pita to remove plus there loaded with shit , so the woman always have a tea pot that's ready to fill my cup outside a that's we chat about the weather ETC. If they were single no asking of the partner , married I asked if it was cool.[​IMG]

    They all got a pair from me .
    they come in S M L XL.
    I purchased them quite well so it was just over 10$ a pair for 40 pairs
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  7. Love that Kelly Kettle Setup. I'd love to get one but if I bring another heat/cooking system ino the house I think the Mrs. will divorce me.

    I know, I have a weakness for stoves etc..

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    Tell her it's an all natural air freshener. The smell of the cold kettle just sitting on the counter is wonderful. I burn pine, but other woods have a pleasant smell when burned.
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  9. Sounds like a plan.

    Since we are talking about stove porn. This guy rules the roost.

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    Had a buddy of mine a few years back when we were making multiple state winter trips on motorcycles ,, he had a battery powered heated suit ,,, I noticed when we stopped,, he wasn't shivering like I was .
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  11. hot diggity

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  12. hot diggity

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    It was never cold that I had an issue with. It was summer heat. I met a guy that had a cooler full of ice that cooled a coil of water that was circulated through tubing under his fire suit. Had a little 12V fish tank pump hooked up to it. He could sit in the starting grid during long delays and still be comfortable. I was tempted to build something similar, but I just marinated and waited for the cool air that was forced into my helmet when I got moving. By the time I was in top gear and watching the tach climbing like a second hand I forgot all about how hot it was.

    I bet I could find a fish tank pump that'd run off a rechargeable battery with a USB plug. :sneaky:
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  13. Altoidfishfins

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    I have had those heated vests at my BOL for about three years. They work a little too well on the high setting and cause me to sweat. Always had to run them on low. That extends battery charge as well.

    Never used one long enough to run the battery down so can't really say how long they last. The supplied battery has easily lasted a couple hours but for extended times you can purchase a larger one (Pocket-Sized "Power Plant"). The vest uses a standard USB connector.

    The same company also makes heated trousers. I'd like to get a set of those since my lower legs always get cold (I'm an old fart) and have a tendency to stay that way.
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  14. snake6264

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    I got the heated jacket and haven't worn it yet
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  15. CraftyMofo

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    I’ve tried the DeWalt jacket that uses the same batteries as the 20v tools. Works great in real cold weather where you still want to wear a lighter jacket for jobs outside.
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    I had to dig out some of my Christmas stocking stuffers. I have a rule for gifts - that my family totally ignores - No batteries, No Made in China, and No socks.


    So I look at the ChapStick and it's made by Pfizer, The beer mitt is made in China and the charger thingy is... you guessed it. Made in China. The charger is actually pretty cool and will join my collection of other USB plug-in battery packs that power all the other Made in China junk that they've given me.

    On the bright side I did get some fine imported English Ale, Nicaraguan cigars and German chocolate.
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  17. Altoidfishfins

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    Well of all those things I'd probably wear out the beer mitt in six months.[booze]
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  18. Cruisin Sloth

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    You get 6 months of winter cold weather ? In Resolute /Tuktoyaktuk we had 3.5 months

    You on southern hem ?
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