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    This is a fun list of prepper gifts. I am quite interested in the inverter and wondering if any Monkey’s actually own one. I like the range of stuff and there are a few items listed that I haven’t seen and wonder if they are just a gimmicky way to part you & your money or if the product is worth the investment. Example: Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter, worth the investment or not.

    See anything you will be adding to your wish list?

    Gifts For Preppers 2015 - THE DAILY PREP
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    Box of 50 .22LR $7.00US Just about anywhere that has them in Stock....
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    Yes, moto, I have two inverters. One similar to the one shown, and a smaller one that jacks into the cigarette power port@300-400wt.
    Small one is always in my personal truck, the large one is with me now, and clamps to the battery upon need. It will run saws, drills, and pumps as needed.
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    Beware that Cobra inverter does not output a true sine wave voltage, it has what they call a "modified sine wave." What that means is the voltage isn't rising, falling and reversing in a smooth sinusoidal manner (the pattern you would get by putting a spray paint can on the pedals of a bicycle and then riding it along the side of a building painting a rising and falling line on the building) Rather with MSW, the voltage curve is more square shape jumping up and dropping down suddenly. Toasters, incandescent lights, many small appliances don't mind that. Some do and will get hot or can even be damaged with modified sine wave. You kind of have to try them, see if they work and if so, listen for a buzzing noise or if anything seems to be getting hotter than normal, especially power supplies for laptops, etc. If so, disconnect immediately from the inverter. True sine wave inverters cost a good bit more but personally I think it is worth it as you know they will be compatible with anything that doesn't exceed their wattage ratings and you know there isn't going to be subtle damage that might not be obvious but progresses over time.


    Edit - here is a link that explains this in more detail and has pictures for those of you who like pictures.
    altE Blog
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    Well said.
    As you stated the simple answer is that a pure sine wave sounds mellow and a sawtooth is buzzy!
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    Thank you @Airtime I am new to the inverter world so that was really useful information
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    What do you all think about this?
    Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter: This inexpensive filter gets my award for versatility. Its threaded end allows it to screw directly on to a water bottle, hose bib, hot water heater and more. If that’s not what you’re looking for, it also works with your Camelback hose, gravity fed water storage bladders, and even has a straw attachment that allows you to drink directly from a river or other source of your choosing.


    I have life straws and water filtering, purifying methods so I am unsure about this gadget. Had not seen one like this
  8. Seacowboys

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    I watched Bear whatsisname suck water out of a fresh elephant turd. I have life straws but think I still prefer to boil water.
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    That filter may be fine, I don't know and Amazon reviews vary from 1 to 5. The tech data is a bit sparse and ample marketing hype on their website. There are some other products in which I have confidence that I personally would buy instead such as Sawyer, First Need, MSR and Katadyn. But just my opinion, but you asked.

  10. AxesAreBetter

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    I like the Sawyer filters in the $30 range. Comes with a cleaning syringe, and a collection bag. It's what I carry. Really good flow rate, and the filter is super tiny.
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    Personally, I think everyone needs a Market Wallet...(shameless plug for our business. Ha).
    Seriously though, they are awesome.
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