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Discussion in 'Blades' started by Andy the Aussie, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Andy the Aussie

    Andy the Aussie Monkey+++ Founding Member's my excuse anyway... ;)


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    So pretty..... [drooling][drooling]
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    Errrr...I hope you are not asking us to choose? LOL!
  4. Andy the Aussie

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    No....I can never choose between "My Precious" either... ;)
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    Yup, real pretty.
    Working in an industry that was both paranoid about "weapons" at work and needing a blade to do my job I always carried a nice short blade belt knife.

    One day I left work early to resume control of a motorcycle stolen from my home. It was recovered by the Police and the Houston PD were kind enough to keep it safe at the down town Police Garage.

    I was in my usual street clothes and as I walked into the Houston main PD Office and I instantly I heard "KNIFE"

    I looked around and found I was culprit in question with the knife, the 2.5 inch LILE Skinner.
    Now it's always nice to have someone recognize that you carry a quality bit of steel, but not inside a nervous PD Office!

    Here is a Wallie World knock off my carry that day.

    The knife was useful in many ways and not just for the blade. The spine is around 3/16s a perfect fit for a "overhaul" we did on a regular PM. The item was a pneumatic amplifier. The job in this case was replacing a very thin diaphragm held in place by a large 2 inch threaded end cap that had a slot in the top as one would have for a screw driver blade.

    The material was aluminum and standard screw drivers only burred up the slot. In my case I found the reversal of the knife allowed a perfect fit in the 1 inch slot. This allowed a very fine feel when installing the end cap.

    Too loose and the amp would blow out, too tight and the diaphragm would ball up and pull out from the seating ring.

    A perfect fit for an unusual job and one we did each quarter on about 100 units. Made my life better and a job others never liked for all overhauls were tagged and signed. My nights were filled with quality work and control of the shop Radio. Coffee, work and a radio can make the 3rd shift pass quickly.
    [​IMG] wl10=Walmart&wl12=875981619_10000013615&wl14=2.5 inch knife LILE Skinner&veh=sem&msclkid=83cd9c6b60cb11c71900c07549a6fa7b
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    I swear you posted some knives a few months back. You must be a collector. :) Those are beautiful. Did you buy them on-line or go to a shop and see how they feel prior to purchase?
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  7. AxesAreBetter

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    Not supposed to know about it, but I am getting a few for Christmas this year myself..
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  8. Andy the Aussie

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    ..... few months....and a few months before that and before that and.... you get the idea. I do not really see myself as a collector but I do simply love knives.... and guns....knives are just less hassle here (though I have a bunch of guns as well). Now I wont ever buy a knife that I wouldn't use the absolute reality is that I could NEVER use all I have...but i derive pleasure from owning them and, thankfully, the maker I generally buy from (Busse or one of their two subsidiary brands) generlly appreciate in value. They do not sell through shops or agents, only direct. Their sales model has changed to make them more available but I ordered the larger of these two in July so there is also a lead time. I have them shipped from the US so no handling before I buy. But I know whatthey make and I know what I like so the choice is often easy (the real choice is not buying one of every model they make ... ;) ).
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    When given a choice. Take both.
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