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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gator 45/70, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Nuff said...

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    Yep. Some say they aren't going to vote because their vote won't matter. Well if they don't vote then it for sure doesn't. I gotta vote just to keep my bi#*^**g rights. Chuck is right about this election being important. Maybe the most important in a couple of centuries. If we can't do it with the vote then we will lose our freedom or have to take up arms to keep it. Me I've always figured voting at least got me out of a mornings work. So just do it. Just one oldawgs opinion.
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    [bow][bow] [bow]..... Thank You Chuck! .. [applaud][applaud][applaud]
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    delegates = what matters.
    popular vote = justification for the media hype.

    Voting in general is rigged, and there's always a scandal involved. If the people want to do something, they could have petitioned their government to redress VALID grievances and stood together against the tyranny which oppresses them. The people can ACT, but once that line is crossed there is no going back. Voting may make them feel good, and most will often vote for the more popular of the lesser evil --which only ever grants them more of the same. So, who exactly is Chuck Norris expecting the people to vote for? He's not for Obama, so...Romney? We know that's the purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations and their ability to control both sides of the political arena. We watched as Ron Paul was steadily pushed aside, ridiculed and ignored by the media. We watched (time and again) as only TWO members of the same fraternal order of Slavery, Incorporated march forward and LIE --and still captivate millions with their phony platform topics. Most people just want THEIR agenda and goals to be met. For some it is gay rights, others it's tax breaks or handouts. Some believe religion should be primary points to focus on, or world events and the economy. These ideas all separate the people and make no mistake, it's not by coincidence. There are a million ways the two primary Republicans and Democrats have whispered sweet promises into the ears of a dependent people, and not ONE has ever been smaller government and a return to Constitutional boundaries. The people have not come together in common cause to end abusive and corrupt government since 1776.

    As far as I see it, Ron Paul was the ONLY hope for a reason to vote, if for nothing else than to let it be known where at least ONE American stands.
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    I can't say I agree with all of Brokor's thinking and suspicions above, but he's right about one thing being crystal clear. As long as there are as many disparate interests in the electorate, finding a common cause that will pull all the voters together and make a mass message to send at the polls, the status will be quo. It's the curse of democracy, I guess, that single narrow issue voters can dilute the election results. (par ex., "As long as I get my freebies, I don't care about the Fed." or "As long as abortion is illegal, I don't care about wars." And so on.)
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