CIA Spies on the Senate?

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    It's on now. Spying on everyone else in America may be okay, but you mustn't spy on the privileged. So the Senate makes the CIA promise not to watch what their staffers are doing on CIA computers, and then got busted snooping in databases they weren't supposed to be in, but, by busting them out, the CIA reveals that they broke their promise not to snoop on the snoopers. The very definition of absurdity.
    CIA Accused of Spying on Senate Staffers
    Mar 5, 2014 7:54 AM CST
    The CIA's Inspector General is calling for the Justice Department to look into allegations that the agency illegally spied on aides to the Senate Intelligence Committee as they gathered information for a potentially contentious report on the CIA's torture program, McClatchy reports.

    The CIA had insisted that the Intelligence Committee staffers use computers at Agency headquarters to review millions of documents related to its interrogation program. The committee believes the CIA monitored those computers, despite a specific agreement not to, according to McClatchy sources.

    The 6,000-page report remains classified, but the New York Times notes that it is a "withering indictment" of CIA tactics and results. Mark Udall yesterday sent President Obama a letter saying that, "As you are aware, the CIA has recently taken unprecedented action against the committee," without specifying what that action was.

    Committee chair Dianne Feinstein would confirm only that "there is an IG investigation." The committee has been battling to release its unflattering report, which the agency wants to keep classified. Udall accused the agency in December of withholding an internal review from the committee—and that apparently led the CIA to accuse the committee of gaining unauthorized access to agency databases, leading to this current dispute.

    CIA Accused of Spying on Senate Staffers - Inspector General looking into clashes over torture report
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    Defund the whole damned thing, walk through the buildings with bulk tape erasers and auction the land and buildings off to the highest NON-government bidder.

    The CIA is a clear and present danger to this country!
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    Evidently, the CIA is a clear and present danger to itself! :rolleyes:
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    Geez, how else do you think the intelligence machine can keep the traitors funding them. Gotta find where the bodies are buried and who's stepping out on whom. Little blackmail goes a long way in DC.

    Watchers watching the watchers whom watch the watchers.
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    LOL, how ironic that "what comes around goes around", LOL again. Could not happen to a more trustworthy group of people. [sarc1[
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    At this point, doesn't every rational human assume that everything he does is known?
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    New Claim: Senate Staffers Swiped Classified CIA Info
    On the heels of a contentious report that the CIA illegally spied on aides to the Senate Intelligence Committee as they gathered information for a report on the CIA's torture program comes yet more contention. McClatchy, which first reported on the allegations yesterday, now reports that those Senate staffers tasked with using computers at CIA headquarters to review documents related to the program took classified material with them. The CIA then reportedly complained about the pilfered documents to the committee in January, leading committee staffers to determine that the computers they had used were monitored.

    Via a source, McClatchy reports that Senate staffers spotted a draft of an internal review of the materials the Intelligence Committee had been given by the CIA, completed at the request of Leon Panetta. This draft was uncovered after the CIA issued its official response to the report, and the staffers felt the draft indicated that the CIA had disputed findings it actually internally determined to be correct. The source says the staffers printed the material and ferried it to Capitol Hill. McClatchy notes that Sen. Mark Udall in December called for the Panetta review to be released, but didn't specify how he was made aware of its existence. Meanwhile, CIA Director John Brennan didn't mince words over the Senate's accusations yesterday, calling them "spurious" and "wholly unsupported by the facts," and implying that the committee was the one to commit an offense, notes the Guardian.

    New Claim: Senate Staffers Swiped Classified CIA Info - Source tells McClatchy they printed, removed internal review
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    How very kindergarten.....

    Gimme back that porno comic book of mine that I'm not supposed to know that you took, when you and a bunch of other kids were visiting my cubby house. How embarrassing for my parents to discover that I unlawfully broke into your family's home to confirm my suspicions that you took something of mine of which I ought be very ashamed. It's all your fault that my parents are giving me a scolding!
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    Pretty much...
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