Cinco de Mayo!!!!!

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    Well......Here's my short unauthorized local version of Cinco de Mayo........

    It is NOT Mexican Independence Day.

    In the 1850's Mexico entered into a period of national crisis brought on by wars etc. The strong religious and military communities resisted a series of social, political and economic reforms introduced by the Liberal govt.---(Sound Familiar?)

    The govt. collapsed and Civil War broke out.............Mexico owed Spain, England and France a bunch of money...........

    After awhile, the Juarez govt. was in order to rebuild the economy, he declared a two-year moratorium on the repayment of debt to Spain, England and France (China anybody).................

    Spain, England and France decided they wanted their money back and decided to reposses Mexico for debt.......the English and Spanish got into an argument with France (imagine that) and pulled out of the invasion but France went ahead alone..........

    Ahhh.....Cinco de Mayo.....on the 5th of May 1862, the invading French ran into the Mexican army at Puebla where around 5,000 Mexican soldiers held of around 8,000 French Soldiers and the French retreated (hey! imagine that??) so goes the famous Battle of Puebla celebrated by Cinco de Mayo...........

    Oh ya, eight or ten months later, French reinforcements showed up and they tried again and the Mexicans surrendered the town.....As far as I know neither the Mexicans or the French celebrate this battle??

    Napoleon figured with the U.S. involved in the War Between the States, that nobody would pay attention to him in Mexico......whoops, the war was over and the U.S. said........

    Hey!! Remember this thing called the Monroe Doctrine that says you guys stay over in Europe and we will stay over here and nobody will mess with anybody else's continent?? Remember that?? WTF are you guys doing in Mexico?? I don't think we like that............

    Lo and behold, a short time later, Diaz ran the French's a$$es right out of Mexico and back to were those French guys scared of Mexico...they just got on the boats and left........

    Now everybody in the U.S. celebrates Cinco de Mayo...what a good reason to have a good cold Dos Equis XXX.......until lately, they hardly celebrated it in Mexico except for Puebla and Mexico City.....kinda like......Kwanza, Juneteenth and earth day......good excuse for a party........

    well that's my version and I'm sticking to it......anybody else can add their own version.....Happy Cinco de Mayo...!!<!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- / message -->
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    Does that mean it's Miller time .LOL

    I liked it and now we know the rest of the story .
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    Reminds me of my old days in the "shop".....
    Everday at 2:30 pm, it was declared as being "Beer thirty".
    I guess it was due to the shop hours being 6 am to 3 pm!
    So, they were 30 minutes from quitting time, so they opened the old fridge and started drinking for the last half hour of the day!
    Just another reason to have a cold one, or 2 or 60......
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    I thought it began in 1918 when a German U-boat sank a tanker off the coast of Mexico that contained an abundant amount of Mayonnaise? Sinko de Mayo?
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    Quig's Fractured History is as good or better than the drivel they put into the school textbooks these days. [rofllmao]

    I celebrated with a couple burritos for lunch at work.
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