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    This article was posted by Tevin on PH and I thought it was worth reposting here.

    How the widening urban-rural divide threatens America - LA Times

    .....The power resume does not include mechanical apprenticeships, work on ships or oil rigs, knowledge of firearms or farm, logging or mining labor — jobs now regulated and overseen by those with little experience of them. Few in Silicon Valley know where in the High Sierra their Hetch Hetchy water comes from or where in the bay their sewage is dumped. Food, too, is an abstraction. I doubt that most of my Stanford colleagues know that a raisin is typically a dried Thomson seedless grape, or whether a peach or plum needs to be cross-pollinated.......

    This was my response to him:


    Great article that shows both sides of the debate.

    Most of the liberal city dwellers would become instant vegetarians is they had to or even witnessed how their sautéed chicken breast, with fennel on a bed of couscous came to tha plate.

    I am posting another article on a similar "two sides of the story" on firearms in this section shared by my Friend Tommy Jordon.

    Tevin if you can get friended by him he has a huge audience, is a newly minted HAM, 2ndA advocate as well as a firearms instructor. His writing reminds me of yours.
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    Better be careful, admit to working on an oil rig and the troll here will start calling you "trash". Of course that is simply because they can't handle work and need to attack their betters to make themselves look less small. The same applies to the fools who attacked "Jurassic Park" because Steve "killed" that dinosaur so they hate him because dinosaurs are so rare and wonderful, or attack hunters because they kill "innocent" animals while the meat dept is full of nice cut up meat that never came off an animal. Where the meat actually comes from is OK as long as they don't have to see it, as you pointed out.
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    I was going to post about the poor dinosaur that died and how the idiots hated Steve for killing it: 'I hate Spielberg and Jurassic Park because he killed that poor dinosaur!' "You know the dinosaur was animatronic don't you?" 'I don't care what kind it was! It died and I hate him!' REAL post by typical demonrat who probably wrote letter posted above too, and they can vote too! But sometimes I look around and you just got to wonder if they haven't taken over the world already and are just waiting.
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    Gah! Haven't read the article, but please don't do anything to convince people in cities that rural folk are anything but crazy bumpkins with guns. It is wonderful that they think hiding in cities will keep them safe from the true danger: us. I love the idea that people in LA are terrified of scary flyover country, keeps them from becoming my problem.
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    These people will be in real trouble, and Soon! If the UN has its way, we'll all be in for a surprise. They will ban growing your own food, and Meat will be soon to follow. GMO will be considered the only viable option to stop "Global Warming" and as the population begins to die off they will ratchet up the tempo and may even add chemicals in the aircraft exhaust that will kill vegetation and home gardens.
    If this UN initiative gets signed by the US we better all be ready for the "Real Change" that was promised, to begin, and it won't be pretty!
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    They'll have to pry my lettuce from my cold dead hands!
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    My state senate has a bill to expand the scope and penalties of tree huggers harassing hunters.
    "I don't want someone waiting at the end of my cabin driveway waiting to follow me around," Robyn Prince, a Clear Lake bear hunter, told the Senate committee. "This is not OK. They're taking it above and beyond."

    The bill would add scouting, dog training and baiting and feeding as hunting activities. It also would expand the definition of interference to include engaging in a number of activities more than twice with intent to impede or interfere with a hunter, including remaining in a hunter's visual proximity, photographing a hunter, using a drone to photograph a hunter and confronting a hunter.

    A first offense would be punishable by a $500 fine. A second offense within five years would be punishable by up $1,000 in fines and 90 days in jail. Subsequent offenses would be punishable by up to $10,000 in fines and nine months in jail.[winkthumb]

    Opponents argued that the state's existing stalking laws should protect hunters. They insisted that prohibiting people from observing and taking pictures of hunters on public land would be unconstitutional and could have a chilling effect on the Department of Natural Resources' tip hotline.
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    In short, "leave us the h€[[ alone".
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    Amen brother amen
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