civil disobedience and nulification of federal laws

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    The following article is a bit long and dry, but alot of good information is given. I am aware that many here have given up on voting. I would hope that you at least vote in your local elections. I may be naive, but I still think we can do some good and provide guidance from the bottom up, if we carefully vet and promote good local like minded politicians. We have to take the country back in some way shape or form! We pretty much all agree with that. Check out the article and see if it desn't give you some ideas on things you can do. Just bitching, never accomplished anything!
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    I will continue go vote and push for change at the local level and national as well. I live in a very blue state and we are on track to take the governor's seat !!

    If you are not trying to fix the problem, then you might be part of it.
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