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    Watching "freedom to fascism" I am struck "upside the head" with the fact ( often discussed here) the real enemy are the bankers who print our money and wield the influence no matter whose feet are on the desk in the oval office.
    The situation is larger than any small group of citizens.' Its'disagreeable,and threatening our individual liberties. What can we do? We cannot go toe to toe with security forces at least not and effect a strategic victory; No matter how many rounds are cached

    ...We are being assaulted by monied suits...we would have to strike a blow to their ice cold balance sheet driven hearts.
    Store up supplies, grow gardens, help feed your neighbors and drop out of their system (a nonviolent nation wide strike of all industries). Until they declare (under an energency) martial law and the .gov assigns us disgruntled workers to work in their masters plants...punching widgetsfor disgruntled nonbuying populace.The bankers can't kill every cog in the machine....They want the whole shooting match? okay, its theirs, we can start our own unchipped un rfid'd , untaxed barter economy...Ghandi was a genius.. (Nonviolence)....I don't know if discussing this further is dangerous or subversive...I don't believe preaching nonviolence is illegal, Workstoppages are only outlawed under union contracts ( breach of contract) Just presenting ideas to percolate; not advocating a middle class revolutioneek3
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    Since there are so few of us that agree with you, and 280 million or so that don't, you'd end up in a little compound with Janet Reno (insert current ballbreaker) breathing down your neck, calling you extremist, anti-gov drug pushers holding children hostage. Ten years later, your just a mention on a survival blog.
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    Just spreading an idea...Don't know how else to stop the insanity...they've got more and bigger guns...
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    I have been trying to tell everybody this since 1997...

    The bankers create, own, and control the worlds' money supply -and sit tidy with the interest owed to them that can never be repaid. Ultimate power is not in how big your army is or how much media control your government may is what makes the world go 'round.

    In my book, "How To Kill the Banks", I outline the entire history of the monetary system in the United States, and include a six-step program to end the control of private banks forever. Of course, I will not be able to share it with you until I have it printed in 2009.
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