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    Here's your chance to own a real piece of history!

    This is a very rare full size socket bayonet for the 1854 Austrian Lorenz .54/.58 musket.

    At the onset of the American Civil War, over 300,000 Austrian Lorenz rifles were imported to America. Approximately 225,000 were used by the union"" army while another 100,000 were purchased by the Confederate Army.

    The Lorenz rifle was the 2nd most imported rifle during the American Civil War and were used throughout the duration of the war. They were often referred to as "Enfield" rifles, because of certain similiarities.

    The Austrian proof marks are still visible including the Austrian 6 pointed star. Even though this bayonet is in great shape, it does have pitting throughout, but nothing that would jeopardize the integrety of the steel itself.

    There are also a couple of small "bubbled" stains along the blade itself that appear to have been left there by blood. Can't be sure, but that's what it appears to be.

    This bayonet was taken home by a Hoosier state union"" soldier as a souvenier.

    I am asking $200 plus shipping/insurance for this bayonet...reduced to $150
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    price reduce to $150 plus sh/ins. CONUS
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