Mosby Clandestine Carry Pistol Review/AAR

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    I taught a Clandestine Carry Pistol class in the Great Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina, a few weeks ago, hosted by John Meyers, one of the writers over at ZeroGov. ZG published John’s review/AAR of the course today, which I am sharing here, because “marketing, blah, blah, blah,” which pretty much everyone who knows me, tells me I suck at, because, well, I really just don’t give a damn.

    In it, John mentions my absence from the blog over recent months, and his reply to people asking him about it, by explaining to them that I am too busy living what I teach, to be writing about it. In the short term, he is absolutely, balls on, correct. My family is in the final stages of a major project (the nature of which has to remain undisclosed for PERSEC), in our personal, private life, which has stretched and strained us, nearly to the breaking point, on numerous occasions, over the last 18 months, even as it has been fun, educational, and inspirational, to both us and others. Even in the midst of it, for the most part, I managed to write an occasional article, but as we have neared the final stages, and set a hard stop deadline for completion, we have pushed ourselves, starting before the sun comes up, and not stopping until the sun goes down, every day. Until that deadline is beat, sometime in the next 60 days, we are pushing against time and financial constraints that have to—HAVE TO—take precedence over the blog, finishing the three new books that are in the works, and everything else, outside of my personal life.

    Some friends, who are both real world friends, and readers of the blog, have suggested asking for donations to complete our undisclosed project, in the interest of getting it complete, so I can get back to writing. We are not doing that. Instead, the purpose of this article is to simply share John’s review of the coursework, and to share why I’ve been so absent from the blog for so long this time. If you DO feel like contributing to our “Oh So Secret Project,” order a book, or all three. If you already have copies, order more and give them as gifts.

    I have a list, in my daily journal/notebook, of about thirty article subjects to write, when I cut free of this project, and I have three books outlined, and at least some of the content of each book done. Hopefully—no promises, because every time I set a publishing/release date for a book, I end up missing it by a month or two, at least—we will have at least one of the new books in print, and up for sale, by the holidays. That’s one of my goals. We’ll see…

    In the meantime, lift heavy shit, run fast, far, box and wrestle, shoot accurately fast, and spend time with your kith-and-kin, building traditions and customs that enshrine your cultural values, to prepare your tribe’s children and grandchildren for the collapse that surrounds us.


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