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    HH6 and I discussed the subject, between ourselves and with some of the students from the run of classes we did in SEP and OCT, and have decided, we will try and continue doing a few open enrollment classes, along the lines of one or two per quarter, until we decide they really will not work, or until we decide they are worth our investment in time and energy to do them more frequently again.

    In light of that, we will be returning to Arizona in February.

    On 13-14 FEB 2016, in the vicinity of Prescott, AZ, we will conduct a two-day TC3 and Austere Environment Medical Care course. Yes, I know this is Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “I love you!” like being able to patch your spouse’s/lover’s/partner’s bullet holes and keep them alive, right?

    Cost for this class is $500/shooter, but couples that attend together will be discounted, for a price of $800/couple. Being the open-minded fucker that I am, if you say, “This is my ‘partner,’ ‘spouse,’ girlfriend,’ ‘Ranger Buddy,'” etc, that counts as a ‘couple’ in my book.

    Clandestine Carry Pistol
    The following weekend, 19-21 FEB 2016, we will be offering the revamped Clandestine Carry Pistol coursework. This is a concealed-carry centric course of instruction, focusing on development of effective gun handling, combative marksmanship, and other concealed-carry specific subjects. Cost for this course is $500/shooter.

    If you are an individual, rather than a couple, and want to take both courses, I will discount the total cost from $1000 to $900, because I’m a nice guy like that.

    I have spent the last month, and the rest of December, revising and rewriting all of my POI. This is not because the POI were somehow flawed. They were not, as I believe anyone who’s been in one of my classes will attest; they were great POI. However, in my never-ending quest to improve everything, I recognized some minor flaws in layout that needed to be fixed. As an example, in the Combat Rifle Course, I might have three or four guys who were ready to move on to more advanced course work, applying the fundamentals, while others were still trying to figure out a) how to shoot a tight group, in order to b) zero their rifle, so they could usefully learn the rest of the course work.

    We will now offer two different rifle courses:

    Combat Rifle Fundamentals will be functionally the same as the original Combat Rifle Course, but with more time to focus in on mastering the fundamental principles of getting hits on target. This course is for shooters new to rifles, or with no exposure to practical, in-fight gunhandling. It is still a beginner to intermediate level course, and moves on to the introduction of complex decision-making shooting drills.

    Combat Rifle Applications is an intermediate to advanced course, focusing on those drills that will both fine-tune your gunhandling and teach specific methods for learning and practicing complex decision-making shooting drills for bridging the gap between basic gunhandling and applying those skills in the real world.

    Clandestine Carry Pistol will remain functionally the same, but will include only one day of “fighting to the gun.” This is not because of a lack of importance of those skills, but because of the recognition that there are other people out there teaching that particular set of skills, who are “Mountain Guerrilla friendly” and have a significantly greater level of skill and knowledge in that skill set.

    Other course work will remain functionally the same, with only minor changes that will not significantly impact the course from the student’s perspective, except to ensure a more solid grasp on the skills and drills taught in that course work.


    In the interest of providing good product to readers, we have teamed up with the guys at AMH Tactical to develop some nylon gear specific to the Reluctant Partisan. The first product has been prototyped and developed, and tested, although testing is not yet 100% complete.

    It is–for lack of a better term yet–the Underground Partisan chest rig. This is a legitimately low-profile, four magazine chest rig, designed to be worn concealed, under a light jacket or sweatshirt. I managed to wear this, with unloaded magazines, to dinner, in a very public restaurant, with a group of Federal Air Marshals and police officers recently, without drawing attention to myself, under a simple, lightweight, button front cotton shirt. It’s pretty slick.

    In the interest of full-disclosure, my agreement with the AMH guys is, they can sell the gear we design cooperatively for whatever price they need to sell it for. As long as the design meets my specifications, they can label it with the Mountain Guerrilla label. My only compensation for this agreement is, I get x2 copies (one for me, one for HH6) of any product, for my own use. I just believe in the products I am designing for them, and recognize the applications for the concerned, prepared citizen.

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