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    Can't beat 'em, demonize 'em.

    You bunch o'phobes you...desperately clinging to your guns, gold, and unbending values.

    Rubin Reports » Flash: President Obama Hints That The Biggest Domestic Terrorist Threat Is Not Islamism But Right-Wing Americans

    What the Kenyan doesn't get is that if something like the Norway incident started happening here, if someone was around who had a CCW, the outcome would be much different and people would thank the good Samaritan who draws his weapon ONLY in defense.
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    the BIGGEST american threat sits in a nice cushy chair in the oval office
    and tells lies so the sheeple think hes god
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    CCW guns may not be a universal solution

    So...let me get this right....Timothy McVeigh was just your garden variety muslim jihadist terrorist???? or was he a Right-wing American terrorist of conservative political and religious inclinations??? Evidently the outcome of McVeigh's op was not hindered by Oklahoma's relatively liberal gun laws....Were there no CCW good samaritans to prevent McVeigh's dastardly deed???
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    What McVeigh did was horrid and unforgivable by any stretch of the imagination. However, there is a lot of evidence surfacing he was guided by others...trained professionally, and helped to complete his objective. Then captured, tried, and executed.
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    Gun ownership, concealed or otherwise, had nothing to do with McVeigh's operation. Would have made no difference at all. Had he brandished a gun rather than light a fuse, it might have made a difference in some fashion. There was no overt clue that the truck was going to blow up before it did. I guess there might have been precursor clues that were not recognized, and certainly not followed up, but preventing that blast wasn't going to happen in those days. (And maybe not even today.)
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    Exactly stated Ghrit. Making a device such as McVeigh did is trivial, anywhere in the world, IF one is dedicated to the undertaking. There ARE technical hurdles that one must overcome, and McVeigh ran into those, just like everyone else. He persisted, and overcame them, buy testing each phase of his device until he had the system down pat. It did not come easy and he had MANY Failures along the way. In the end, He was able to do what he had planned from the beginning. Others can, and will, put in the time, and climb that same Learning Curve, to achieve their Agendas as well. You can NOT stop such folks, if they have any kind of OPSec, at all. McVeigh didn't think his OPSec all the way thru, and that is what caused his downfall. That, and a bit of lucky Law Enforcement. He got exactly what he deserved, and I would have gladly pulled the switch, on him, myself. These Yahoos will always be among us, and they will always be scheming and planning events to move their specific Agenda along. Right or Left matters not a whit. They are ALL nuts, and when we catch them BEFORE the do their worst. GREAT, but we can NEVER stop them ALL. It is very Good that they mostly are Stupid, as they are easier to spot, and stop, but we will never find them all, till after, and then maybe not even then if they are Smart. .... YMMV....
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    Bringing McVeigh up in this debate is just arguing to be contrary and obfuscates the point*. Identifying the exception to the rule reveals what exactly? What have you proven to the masses?

    Your inductive logic is flawed: McVeigh, a terrorist, was a Right-wing American, with conservative political and religious inclinations (somewhere I think you've inserted a redundancy here). Therefore, the great Chelloveck declares, from this one example, that all conservatives are terrorists!

    To add to this inane response, you further go on to say that OK somehow contributed to this tragedy because of their lax laws, NOT on a citizen's ability to purchase and mix ammonium nitrate and nitro, but due to their gun laws. Where's the connection there? Supposedly, the bombing was a response to the govt's handling of the Waco debacle, which was in Texas. Texas has liberal gun laws too, why not there? As a matter of fact, Alaska has the most liberal...according to your flawed reasoning, why isn't there a terrorist event there every day?

    So, from this argument, am I to conclude that Australian's all have flawed arguments and put a bunch of words together that, while they might sound good to the liberal brain, they make no sense when examined further? No. Taking a specific instance of behavior and generalizing to the masses is obnoxiously stupid unless the masses all share the same attributes (Joe, a human, needs oxygen to breath, therefore, all humans need oxygen to breath).

    Your constant otiose replies, just for the sake of arguing, are, at least for me, no longer worthy of my time. I will not comment on one again, nor even read one.

    *The point is that liberal politicians bend over backwards NOT to even speak of Islam or Muslims when a terrorist even happens that was perpetrated by fanatical Islamacists; however, it is perfectly acceptable to them to suggest that the NEW terrorist threat is not only right-wing Americans, but let's go ahead and narrow that down to white, right-wing Americans. And this comes from the same administration that condemns racial profiling.... This is one thing that is transparent about this administration: they make no attempt to conceal their contempt for people who care about the Constitution and Rule of Law and have no qualms about singling out a group that threatens their continued power.
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    If McVeigh proves that right wingers are terrorists, what does Stalin prove about left wingers?

    McVeigh might have been right wing politically, but he was mentally off the map. I'd say a sociopath.

    (I used Stalin to show the dramatic effect one person can have, but if you need an American for the sake of argument- Bill Ayers comes to mind along with the Weather Underground. Point is, one person or a small group being terrorist-like, does not make an entire wing terrorists.)

    "Terrorist" is not a word I think that politicians should throw around in reference to opposing political parties. Its drawing a line in the sand and not helpful to any process. It alienates a portion of the people. It will cost the dummy-crats. I think the Democrats have missed judged where in the political spectrum a lot of Tea Party members come from- a large portion of Independents and Libertarians have been drawn into the party. The idiots keep trying to cast the Tea Party right of white-hair Conservatives on the political spectrum and that is a gross miscalculation. They are alienating the very base that throws elections one way or another. This will affect Moderate Democrats in 2012.
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    1st off, Oklahoma did not get CCW until late 1996, McVeigh's attack was in April 1995. 2nd no one has found any religious affiliations or beliefs. Before his execution he stated that he was an agnostic that did not believe in Heaven or Hell. 3rd A German intelligence unit discovered last month that his accomplice, Terry Nichols, made 3 trips to Malaysia for unknown reasons. Considering he hadn't been employed for years, who paid for the trips. GSG9 says Abu Sayyef paid for the trips. 4th He stated that the attack was in retaliation for the Waco and Ruby Ridge incidents. Get it right, next time. Liberal gun laws? No, It is called the United States Constitution. We are citizens, not subjects of the crown.
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    Fast and Furious was designed to prove America's gun laws needed to be stricter with another assault weapon ban etc..
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    Fast and Furious Scares Me

    Here is an example of what our Government will do to trick the average American and gain their support or at least wipe out their concerns. But even after getting caught our Liberal Media can't pull their head out of their own A#$ to admit something is wrong. Nut cases will always be out there, but our fearless leaders see the average citizen as the biggest threat and they are more than willing to break the law to prove it. Go Figure.
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    Shows how far this administration will go.
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