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    Clay for survival?? I had never thought of using clay as a multi-purpose item for survival. This is a great article on different ways that it can be utilized.

    Some uses:
    • cooking outside over a fire
    • Storing food
    • Collecting and carrying water
    • Use as a glue or cement to make an outdoor oven out of rocks
    • zeer pot refrigeration
    • Mixing medicinal herbs (mortar and pestle style)
    • To sort and organize various objects
    • Sealing off cracks in hand made shelter to help block wind and repel water
    • To mix and hold cleaning solutions
    • Collecting and disposing of waste
    • Making primitive tools for use in a survival situation
    How to Make Clay for Survival Purposes «

    The article has great informative videos plus how to find, process and what you need to know. I use clay for facials and battle it in my soil but never thought to use it for other purposes. The zeer pot refrigeration is quite interesting, here is more info on what it is, how to make: Zeer pot fridge | Practical Action
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    When I was in jungle survival school we would cook whole chicken and fish in clay and grass also I make clay ammo for slingshot and bake them in fire to make rocks I also lined my forge with clay.
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    Our soil is very clay-ey. I also use certain kinds for skin care.
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    I will do that I am about to build me a forge thanks for the info, this site is great I get so many ideas from just reading the post, again thank you all.
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    If done right it pulls all of the feathers from any bird you cook and any scales/skin from any fish.... steams from the inside and is very moist... it also works on Iguana...
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    This is a really great post. I did not know how to purify clay. I have cooked fish and birds wrapped in clay. Moist meat cooked this way and you can stuff with dried corn or peas and have a meal from coals
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