Cleaning Kits For Your Firearms / Home and Mobile Operations

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    Cleaning Kits - Rifles/Pistols - Mobile ops and for Stay at Home Solutions

    First, the stay at home kit (not every can of cleaner and scrub brush I own, just a run down of the basics)
    I tried to include as many items as I could for an example, this way you guys can run with this and comment on your favorite lubricants and cleaners, or whatever floats your boat.

    DSC00074.JPG You can have several kits set up in case you need to hand some out to family. I keep mine portable, in easy self contained kits. These are genuine G.I. all steel cleaning kits. I replace the standard oil bottle with a new bottle of Rem Oil.

    DSC00084.JPG My main cleaning kit is a fishing tackle box so I can get to what I need easily.

    Some things to avoid: The "homeowner" targeted cleaning kits, especially the cleaning rods made out of cheap aluminum and plastic. They are a complete waste. Go straight for the all-steel rods, bore snakes and quality steel attachments.

    Items I find especially useful: Lithium grease, Hoppe's solvent, Gun Scrubber, Q-Tips, backup cleaning rod parts and attachments and lots of patches or old T-shirts.

    You might need one for the range, and you might have another for bug out, and perhaps a mobile kit for hunting. Each could be set up according to your own needs and suit your purposes as you feel would be best. Not every kit needs to be the same. My kit may not be suitable for somebody else, and let's face it, if you don't use your kit, you should not trust it.

    DSC00077.JPG This is the Otis 5.56/7.62 Sniper cleaning kit. Of course, I modified this one because I didn't like it the way it came. Yup, I used it quite often, and plan on using it if I ever have to bug out.

    DSC00078.JPG The contents are simple, a bag filled with the attachments and rod, a bag with patches, a bore snake for each caliber and some oil. I think Rem oil works fine, but so does CLP, as I have used this for many years with no problems. No need for frills, and no need for fancy items. I tore out the panel inside and placed all the attachments in a single bag, threw away what I deemed useless, and moved on.

    I would use the bore snakes as I needed them, and could complete a thorough cleaning at camp when/if necessary. This isn't a thread about cleaning, just the kit used, so I will leave it at that.
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    Great kits.

    I have old tooth brushes in my kits for scrubbing. Q-tips work great for clearing, light cleaning, but if you have to scrub - a tooth brush is great. Yes there are "gun cleaning brushes" but why buy something when you can re-use something else for free.

    Plastic tips for cleaning are junk, especially plastic jags. I got a "kit" of brass jags from BPS, every caliber I own plus a few that don't, yet. I know it's personal preference, but I prefer the jag ends for patches vs. the ones that look like eyelets.

    For patches, i use old t-shirts (kids give me a good supply as they grow out of or get to stained). Cut to the appropriate patch size as needed.
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    thanks for the info. I use the bore snakes and i never thought of using old t-shirts (which i have millions - according to my girlfriend) as patches. and i use old toothbrushes for cleaning too.
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    Old t-shirt pieces work great for cleaning or coating barrels with oil. I usually run a long but thin, oil coated patch through the eyeloop in the end of a boresnake and send it through. It works well in the field.
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    I just got the kleenbore pockit for .38/.357/9m and its great 2 part steel rod brass jag mop and a copper brush all fits into the handel with room for patches. Its going in the bob when i get home
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    Got a link to see the product?
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    Here it is got it at gander mt. Like 15 bucks then i have a bottle of clp

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