Clerk Punches, Knocks Out Armed Robber Clerk Then Makes Susp

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    Caught On Tape: Clerk Punches, Knocks Out Armed Robber
    Clerk Then Makes Suspect Clean Up His Own Blood

    HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. -- A clerk at a business in Western North Carolina punched a would-be robber and knocked him out cold just minutes after the man barged in with a gun and demanded money.

    It happened about 15 minutes before closing time Friday night at We Buy Gold store in Hendersonville.

    “When he came through the door he told me had a gun and he even flashed it," said Derek Mothershead. “I stood up and threw my hands up and said, 'Take the money.'”

    Mothershead said the man came behind the counter with a bag.

    “I got the money and he had the bag out and instead of putting it in the bag I stuck it out and said, 'Just take it.' So, when he reached out, I took a step in, I cocked back and preloaded and I hit him hard,” Mothershead told News 4's Mike McCormick.

    The punch knocked out the would-be thief. Mothershead was able to grab the man's weapon and realized it was a pellet gun.

    “When I pulled it out of his waistband I started laughing,” said Mothershead. “I said, 'Man, you came in here with a fake gun?'"

    Mothershead said he dragged the man over to a desk and held him down with one hand and called 911 with the other.

    The man, later identified as Mostafa Hendi, eventually regained consciousness.

    “He kind of begged me, begged me to let him go,” Mothershead said. “I said, 'You came in and tried to rob us. You’re going to jail.'”

    While they waited for police and paramedics, Mothershead gave the man a roll of power towels, sprayed the floor with cleaner and told him to clean up his own blood.

    “At the time you really don’t think you hit somebody as hard as you do, but looking back at the tape I can say I hit him pretty hard, I guess," Mothershead said.

    Hendi remains behind bars on a charge of attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon. His bond was set at $100,000.

    “There was just an opportunity there where I thought that I could actually do something and justice could be served, and I thought that’s what needed to be done,” said Mothershead.

    We Buy Gold has dealt with others robberies at its 30 locations between Western North Carolina and the Upstate.

    "It’s not even worth hitting us," said Mothershead. "We’ve got a fast-retrieval money system in order and we really don’t carry that much money to begin with, so there’s no point in hitting us.”
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    One (or two) attaboys for Mothershead.
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    We must be tuned to the same channel...or your my long lost brother Bruce...ccc
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    We are Gator... it is call the SurvivorMonkey.... and smart minds think alike...
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    I love stories like this.

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    They showed the vid clip on the news.It should be on Youtube by now.
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    I like when they get whats coming to them.
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    I said it before ,DO Not mess with a country boy when it close to feeding time !!!
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