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  1. Meat

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    Terrence K Williams

    This thread is for serious discussion. :whistle:
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  2. 3M-TA3

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    Number of years that the Earth's climate hasn't changed since it's creation: Zero.

    I'm open minded to new evidence and opinion/analysis of what we know, but Thunberg lost all credibility with her temper tantrum. I remember being 16 and thinking I knew everything and I also remember that as I grew into manhood I could look back on every year of my life and thinking "I can't believe how stupid and naive I was then". That process has never stopped.

    IMO in a couple of years she will be a perfect match for David Hogg. They both have the same arrogance of youth and are so heavily invested in their views that even when they realize the flaws in their thoughts they won't be able to confront them. They are also both unwitting puppets who are given special treatment so long as they are useful. When they are no longer useful they will be discarded to gain yet another level of victim status.

    Marionette Strings Clearly Visible During Greta Thunberg Testimony
  3. Dunerunner

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    I have an idea....

    Let's shut down every man made device that produces heat... Refrigerators, Air Conditioning Systems, All Communications Systems, Water Heaters, Computing Systems, Internal Combustion Engines, Forced Air and Convection Heating Systems, Devices utilized for processing food, producing clothing, automobiles, steel, petroleum products... Literally everything. Let's do this for five years and see if it makes any difference in Global Climate.
  4. cpaspr

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    Five years? It won't have much if any effect on global climate, but it will sure reduce the population of the world. A LOT!
  5. Merkun

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    A lot of eliminated farts and exhalations will have to be helpful, no?
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  6. oil pan 4

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    I'm reading the latest ipcc report.
    Only a few hundred pages of 1170 so far and I think I have an explanation.
    Ipcc says "A", the cult of climatology hears "B" and then the cultists go around saying "C".
    But "A" and "C" have nothing to do with each other.
    Or the cultists are on some pretty far out drugs when they read it and see what they want to see.
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  7. Thunder5Ranch

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    4+ billion years of climate change every day of those billions of years and very often being very drastic change........ I think we can just call it a natural trend at this point in the planets long history.
  8. oil pan 4

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    The climate cult and the ipcc are damn near at war with each other.
    I called it about 2 years ago and I actually didn't think it would happen till 2022.
    BUT I also didn't think the dnc would go full retard and call for the banning of fossil fuels and other nonsense like they did, when they did.
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  9. Brokor

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    And definitely don't miss Climate Forcing:
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  10. Meat

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    I use a burning barrel so diesel trucks don’t have to come down my road.
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  11. enloopious

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    If you can't get people to follow the BS you make up just have a child tell everyone they are idiots. That'll do the trick.
  12. Big Ron

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    Its all about power and control. The earth will continue on no matter what happens to us. I prefer to take personal responsibility and try not to damage the planet and adapt. I believe we are starting a cooling cycle and yes the earth changes all the time. That little girl is being used and abused by her actor parents. Shameful.
  13. oil pan 4

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    Well one of the major papers used by the latest IPCC report was retracted.
    The "quantification in ocean heat up take from changes in atmospheric O2 and CO2" composition has been shit canned.
    This is pretty huge.
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  14. DKR

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    Another nail in the coffin of the IPCC and the so-called "settled science"

    and you won't see or hear of the retraction anywhere the MSM is peddling their leftist dribble
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  15. 3M-TA3

    3M-TA3 Cold Wet Monkey

    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Global Warming
  16. 3M-TA3

    3M-TA3 Cold Wet Monkey

    "The entire foundation of our argument appears to be incorrect, but we are still right because Thunberg."
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  17. 3M-TA3

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    While everybody else was sitting around doing nothing I figured it all out. When it started really hot last summer I turned on my AC, and it was like a lightening bolt that hit that big light bulb thing hovering over my head. I knew exactly what I had to do to save the world.

    I have four vehicles with AC, so as soon as it started to get hot each day I turned on the AC in each one and opened all the doors. I ran them until things started to cool down each night. After several weeks I noticed that it was gradually getting cooler outside. Right now I hardly have to run any of them at all.

    I bet if you guys help me out next year we could have global warming licked by mid August if we start early enough.

    The only thing that pisses me off is that Thunberg trollop is going to get my Nobel prize. Bitch.
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  18. Merkun

    Merkun furious dreamer

    Well, hm. the second law might balk at that.

    The thunberg ninny has been encouraged to speak what's left of her mind, she's been radicalized (i.e., brainwashed.) Rational thought hasn't visited there in a while. There's no passion like that found in converts.
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  19. 3M-TA3

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    Based on what we have learned from Climate Science:
    • Climate change is caused by human activity.
    • The Earth's orbit does not cause climate change, only human activity.
    • The Earth's tilt does not cause climate change, only human activity
    Thus climate science has clearly proven that we may selectively suspend scientific and physical laws as needed to support the desired conclusion. Thus the causality of me running AC outside to cooling outdoor temperatures is iron clad proof that I have a solution to the problem of global warming.

    You're welcome! And I want my damn medal. Now. Or I will throw a televised temper tantrum since that proves that what I have to say is the absolute truth and that you have no right to criticize whatever I have so say or else you are a bully.

    So hand over my damn Nobel prize now or at least an alternative prize like this one. I really will have a televised temper tantrum. I'm not kidding.
    Greta Thunberg: Teen climate change activist wins "alternative Nobel Prize" award - CBS News
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  20. Gator 45/70

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    One cannot fix something that does not exist.
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