Clinton Could Fire Up Voters More Than the Devil

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ghostrider, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. ghostrider

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    Jerry Falwell Says Hillary Clinton Could Fire Up Voters More Than the Devil Himself

    WASHINGTON — If Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Democrats' presidential nominee in 2008, it will motivate conservative evangelical Christians to oppose her more than if the devil himself were running, the Rev. Jerry Falwell has told pastors at a "values" conference.
    "I certainly hope that Hillary is the candidate," Falwell, a leading conservative evangelist, said, according to a tape recording of the Friday prayer breakfast attended by several hundred pastors and religious activists.
    The recording, first reported in Sunday's Los Angeles Times, was confirmed by someone who attended the conference, but not the breakfast, and has heard the tape.
    "I hope she's the candidate, because nothing will energize my (constituency) like Hillary Clinton," Falwell said. "If Lucifer ran, he wouldn't."
    The "Values Voter Summit" was sponsored by the country's leading conservatives and featured several Republicans who are considering running for president in 2008.
    An aide to Falwell said the remarks were off-the-cuff and not intended to demonize the Democratic senator from New York.
    Attendees also were assured during the prayer breakfast that God would preserve a Republican majority in Congress.
  2. monkeyman

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    That kind of sucks. I tend to figure the Republican runing things is better that the Dems at least but still hat to agree with Falwell. lol
  3. Clyde

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    You mean....She's not the devil?:eek:
  4. E.L.

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    One thing is for sure, she is ugly as sin.
    bill_and_hillary_clinton_1 (Medium).
  5. E.L.

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    I hope this doesn't blind you.
    hillary-clinton-looking-tired (Medium).
  6. Quigley_Sharps

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    Forever known
  7. Conagher

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    Yep I thought so. "She be da debil"
  8. Conagher

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    On second thought, she looks like the Bride of Chucky too:D
  9. ghostrider

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    :eek: :eek:
    I know that's one mean woman.
  10. Seacowboys

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    I am more anti-Farwell than Clinton.
  11. E.L.

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    Farwell just huffs and puffs, I am afraid that the junior senator klinton will do her best to remove what second amendment rights we have left if elected.
  12. TailorMadeHell

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    Holy crap. That's ten minutes I'll never get back. Someone should have been on standby with the hot poker for my eyes. Geez. People here definitely know how to ruin an appetite for the next milennia. :D

    I too, am of the mind that it is far better to have a loose cannon like fatwhale running around than a hillarity in office. Count on your fingers now how many rights we have left, then go to the garage and grab the machette. Then start wacking right below your neck. What you have left after that will be equivalent to the rights we would have if she were elected.

    Another thing that gets me is what was said at his meeting, 'God would preserve a republic majority in congress'. I'm glad to know now that God is sitting on the sidelines coaching the politicians. After all, you can't doubt it, it's gospel truth. Came straight from Faretheewell.

    Some people, I'm tellin ya. They wouldn't have a clue if someone gave them two. (Yes, you can use that if you want. Haha) I believe that God has more important things to do than to worry whether we have more democrats or republicans in congress. After all, both parties and the place they gather is man-made. Nothing holy about that gathering. Would be akin to saying, 'Those lawyers are nice.' Not on your life. :D
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