Clinton emails reportedly still ‘top secret'

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    Clinton emails reportedly still ‘top secret’

    A pair of emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server was indeed “top secret” when they passed through her machine, intelligence officials have concluded, according to a pair of reports.

    The tentative finding comes despite opposition from the State Department, which had disputed the initial classification level handed down by the Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

    According to Fox News, one official called the decision to classify the messages at the highest level a “settled matter.”

    One of the two emails has since been downgraded to the “secret” level of classification, both Fox and Politico reported.

    Still, the intelligence community’s insistence that the emails were “top secret” when they passed through Clinton’s machine is likely to cause new headaches for her front-runner Democratic presidential campaign, which has long battled allegations about Clinton’s exclusive use of a “home brew” email setup throughout her tenure as secretary of State. By using a personal email address housed on a private server, her email correspondence might not have been protected by the same security standards as official government emails, critics have warned, potentially making critical secrets vulnerable to hackers.

    Clinton emails reportedly still ‘top secret’
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    And she will skate untouched it is the Klinton way.
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    True and this makes your point:
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    Klinton Death Watch. Look at the LONG list of reporters, Klinton guards (from first pez run, all killed at Waco), gov't insiders (Vince and the other guy that died on the plane, Ron?), employees, business associates, "friends", etc. that ended up dead around the Klintons. Obummer is the only one left and if he decides he isn't leaving (martial law, hey Kamazar?) that might change too!
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    Burn baby burn.
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    Check out the Clinton Body Count sometime, if you'd like something long to read.


    Then, of course there's the Obama Body Count....

    Obama’s Body Count: Crossing Obama Can Be Deadly! Mysterious Deaths Surround Obama!

    And a very interesting tin-foil-hat link from there...


    (Scroll down to the yellow highlights at the very bottom.)

    That's plenty for now. I think I'll have another cup of paranoia. Errrr--coffee.
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