Clueless or just plain dumb?

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    You decide!

    This pretty much says it all!

    You may recall recently when President Obama spoke of three former Presidents making prisoner swaps at the end of wars that took place on their watch, "much like his swap" he said rather convincingly.

    CNN carried this quote:
    President Barack Obama boasted Tuesday when he was asked about swapping American Army Sgt. Deserter for five vicious Taliban terrorists.

    He said, "That was true for George Washington; that was true for Abraham Lincoln and that was true for FDR. That’s been true of every combat situation, that at some point, you make sure that you try to get your folks back...and that’s the right thing to do."


    That statement blatantly demonstrates that the most powerful man in the World and two term President of the United States lacks even a grade school level of knowledge of American History; specifically, history as it relates to three of our most famous presidents and it demonstrates again that we have essentially elected a foreigner who has no understanding of the very country that he reigns supreme over. Then again, he was educated at an IVY League school so you can't expect too much!

    What's wrong with his statements?

    Let's keep it simple-- EVERYTHING is wrong!
    1. First of all, I think that if the “war” is over, somebody better tell the Islamic jihadists. They still seem to be fighting pretty hard. Remember, Obama said, that "This is what happens at the end of wars… you exchange prisoners."
    2. George Washington did not become president until six years after the Revolutionary War ended in 1783.By 1789 there were no longer any prisoners for him to exchange.
    3. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in mid-April of 1865.The Civil War ended the following month. He was still dead at that time. No deals were made to exchange prisoners after the war. All prisoners were simply freed.
    4. FDR died of a stroke before the end of WWII. Like Lincoln, he stayed dead after the war so he couldn't do what this jerk says he did. You'll recall that Harry S. Truman made the decision to drop two nuclear bombs on Japan, ending World War II. He made no deals for prisoners. We went in and released them when necessary.
    5. None of the Presidents that Obama noted were in office at the ends of those wars,making it impossible for them to make any sort of prisoner swaps, let alone the 5 for 1, plus unspecified cash, which violated U.S. law, and for a deserter and traitor by our "57 States" president.
    6. It should be pointed out that countless deserters and traitors were shot or hung during all three of the aforementioned wars.

    What amazes one even more than the ignorance is that he has managed to surround himself with a staff that is just as clueless... or willing, as the media are, to cover for his dumb-ass rhetoric and behavior!

    P.S. Obama mentioned while being interviewed on Super Bowl Sunday while in the White House kitchen, that George Washington drank beer in this White House when he was president. Guess what.....?

    George Washington never lived in the White House; it wasn't built yet!

    And now you know the rest of the story… our president is an idiot!
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    Clueless or just plain dumb?

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    Clueless or just plain dumb? How about, Obama is a deceitful liar with no knowledge of American history, and he could care less! Obama the destructor does know one very important fact. The majority of the Amerikan people at this time are too ignorant and apathetic to care less if he lies, or about what. The Amerikan people also know very little about this countries history and founding, and again, care less. Sadly, My America, and my Constitution is nearly dead.
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    Very good catch. Thanks for the link. My guess is that Obozo was speaking ad lib, without his speech writers and teleprompter. Good for him. It's refreshing to be supported in my opinion of Obozo as a total dumb mass. Specially when it comes straight from his lying lips. Thank God, mainstream media is so enraptured by Obozo that they print his words with glee, even when his words prove him to be a moron. The mainstream media folks who wrote the article also are morons. jmho tac
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    Our POSPOTUS knows the history of the Republic very well. But LYING to his base is the way to keep him and those like him in power. With the media in his pocket(or his shorts) he doesn't care if less than 40% call his sorry butt out.
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    Bottom line. Barrack Hussein Obama is an American Traitor! Everyone knows what punishment traitors deserve.
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    How about stupid, clueless and a traitor.
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