CMMG Stainless Steel Drop-in AR .22 Conversion Kit

Discussion in 'Range reports' started by boltedsafe, May 7, 2011.

  1. boltedsafe

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    CMMG Stainless Steel drop-in AR .22 Conversion Kit with 3 CMMG 25 round full body magazines for AR-15
    I spent a lot of time wondering about this kit. Finally took the plunge. The 22 conversion requires you to pop the rear take-down pin out, open action and remove the bolt-carrier assembly. Then install like the removed bolt-carrier. Tried three types of ammo: Remington Thunderbolt (Do Not Buy) misfires every 40 rounds or so, Federal plated 38gr HP, and Federal 40 high Speed. Three different AR’s 2 RRA mids and a DPMS High Power match rifle.
    [FONT=&quot]Federal plated HP will feed as fast as you can pull the trigger in all guns. No problems and fun! Magazine rest not recommended causes miss feeds. Pretty accurate, much less recoil than 5.56 (which isn’t a lot I know)pretty fun hitting 12 gauge hulls at 50 feet off hand. Only one minus to this kit, I had major problem with sore thumb after loading 500 rounds in magazines. 500 rounds at $16.00, much cheaper that 5.56 ammo. For me, very glad I purchased.
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  2. Hispeedal2

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    Pics PLEASE!!

    I am also curious about POI shift? Do you need to adjust the sights much? Is this unit viable for a small game getter that piggy backs your defense carbine?

    Thanks for posting it. I've been hearing some interesting things about these units.
  3. Brokor

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    I forget the name of mine, but it works really well. I remember getting it for a great price, too. The .22 drop-in conversion for the AR is a lot of fun. I only have one, 25 rnd. mag for mine though.

    When I drop it in, I sometimes have to slap it hard to get it to seat, but that's no problem. Accuracy isn't great, but I really only plink with it. I have had no issues with this kit. I will try to get the brand for it.
  4. Seacowboys

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    I have a Ciener .22 conversion kit for my registered M16 and several Blackdog machine magazines. These are about as much fun as you can have, especially when suppressed.
  5. fedorthedog

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    I just got ten of these for my department and 30 mags waiting for the guns to see how they work but they look well made. I have a mil spec conversion kit and these look just as good.
  6. gunbunny

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    These units are great. They allow you to shoot cheaply and practice more often. I bought another so the wife and I can shoot our ARs side by side.

    A lot of fun with a dueling tree, or moving and shooting. I have a problem of losing 5.56 casings when I move and shoot. With the Ciener conversion in, I don't care where the empty .22lr casings go.

  7. Huntinbull

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    Cost on the Ceiner Kit? In the process of building my first AR and will be buying a kit for it.
  8. gunbunny

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    I've seen anywhere from $129 to $209, depending on which manufacturer and where you get it from. Brownell's had a good deal on them if you don't want the original Ceiner magazine and buy some Black Dog Machine magazines instead. Much better, IMHO. Gunbroker has some used ones for sale pretty regularly, and have new ones all the time. Spike's Tactical makes the Catillac, all stainless and well made, but you pay the price for it. Tactical Innovations makes a stainless model in the $159 range also.
  9. Brokor

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    I can only guess this is the same kit I have since it's been so long. 60999 - CMMG .22LR Conversion Kit for the Ar-15. ARC22 Stainless Steel Kit with 25 Round Magazine. but it was only $149.00 and the one I linked is called a CMMG with a 25 round magazine.

    These are out of stock at CTD currently.

    ARR-059 - AR-15 .22 LR Conversion Kit Includes 10 Round Magazine <---this one at CTD is in stock and only $130.00 but it comes with a 10 round magazine. This model can be used with piston uppers, but the piston must be removed. I am not sure of its full compatibility otherwise.
  10. tommyboy4090

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    I bought one(CMMG conversion kit) and it came in yesterday and used it today. I got it for i believe 180 and it came with 3 25 round mags. I just did a google search and then clicked shopping and clicked away until found a good price.
  11. Deadcenter

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    I have a Brownells branded CMMG .22 kit for my AR. Best $ spent for training, it's easy to go thru a brick of .22LR in a weekend of shooting.

    I need more magazines, and a loader would be nice to avoid the sore thumb. :)
  12. jim2

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    How have these units held up for you gents? Good round count? Any split necks on the unit?

    Any word on the Spikes tactical unit?

  13. gunbunny

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    I still shoot my Ceiner unit pretty regularly. I have a few other makes of the same Ceiner design. I took one and completely degreased it, and then covered it in a Moly disulfide dry film lubricant spray. I don't use oil lube with it anymore, I just have to wipe it clean.
  14. hot diggity

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    I wasn't impressed with the accuracy of the CMMG conversion. It's no fault of theirs, just can't get decent accuracy with a barrel that's not the optimal bore diameter or rifling twist for a 40 gr bullet.

    CMMG makes a collar to adapt a dedicated .22 LR barrel to their conversion. It just replaces the chamber adapter with a collar that includes all the stuff that would need machining on the chamber end of the new barrel. I bought a barrel blank and Spikes Tactical collar 10 years ago to do the same thing. It's still waiting on me. :(
  15. oil pan 4

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    If I want to shoot 22LR I get a ruger 10/22, ruger mark4 or a revolver.
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