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    To all CMP constituents:
    The CMP Board of Directors has discussed at length how the sales of 1911s would be handled, if the CMP were to ever receive them from the United States Army.
    Some preliminary decisions:
    1. Decisions concerning the grade and pricing of the 1911s will not be made until inspection has occurred of a substantial quantity which will take an estimated 150 days post receipt.
    2. All laws pertaining to the sale of 1911s by CMP will be strictly obeyed.
    3. Potential purchasers will have to provide to CMP a new set of documents exhibiting: 1) proof of U.S. Citizenship, 2) proof of membership in a CMP affiliated club, 3) proof of participation in a marksmanship activity, 4) a new form 2A with notary, 5) successful completion of a NICS background check, 6) a signed copy of the 01 Federal Firearms License in which the 1911 will be transferred to.
    4. The CMP customer will be required to complete a form 4473 in person and successfully complete another NICS check by the recipient FFL holder before the pistol can be transferred.
    5. Qualified CMP customer will only be allowed to purchase one 1911 per calendar year.
    6. No 1911s available in the CMP stores, or on line, only mail order sales.
    7. CMP will set the date in which it will accept orders for the 1911s. The date will be posted to the world.
    8. Orders will only be accepted via mail order delivery.
    9. Orders will only be accepted post marked on the date or after, no early orders.
    10. Once CMP receives 10,000 orders, customer names will be loaded into the Random Number Generator.
    11. The Random Number Generator will provide a list of names in sequence order through a random picking process to CMP.
    12. Customers will be contacted in the sequence provided by the Random Number Generator.
    13. When the customer is contacted a list of 1911 grades and pricing options that are available will be offered for selection of one.
    14. As CMP proceeds down the sequenced list less grade and pricing options will be available. Again, this done completely random.
    Mark Johnson
    Chief Operating Officer
    Civilian Marksmanship Program
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    I gathered all the required citizenship, membership, and certifications years ago. Carried this big packet to the window at Camp Perry, and learned that my USMC retired military ID would have been enough. They never even looked at the rest of the stuff.

    Sounds like it'll be a very slow process. I wonder if I can get one that looks like it was used as a hammer? That's how every one I was issued looked. For the impatient, they'll start showing up at gun shows before the first 1000 numbers are called.
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    jmho. Oh my how things change. What a pain in the azz. My m1garand was so much simpler. San Diego 1981-4 qual and check/mo sent in. While stationed on opposite coast on an DE/FF it shows up with the personal mail.
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    I would guess they are just CTA as an attempt to stay in business.
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    Got a Garand back in the 80's like Tac did, $150 and whatever condition the next one in line was to be shipped. Got lucky and received a nice one. Definitely will not try for a 1911 in the first round until seeing how screwed up the process gets and the pricing. Garand's are overpriced now and I'm sure the 1911's will be the same. My main problem with CMP's grading and pricing is that these guns have already been paid for with tax payer's money once and should be sold at a highly discounted price.
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    I guess the purpose of the CMP is not what it used to be.
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    RE CMP, Congress dictated a lot of the sales procedures. First military pistols they've sold, and the anti-gunners are nervous.

    Having said that, have a buddy who had his dad's WWII 1911 re-worked by a world class gunsmith. They discussed the CMP guns and the gunsmith said "It would be foolish to buy one of those guns and not have it checked out. Modern ammo is higher pressure and the old metallurgy in those guns often leads to tragedy.

    When you can get a used Kimber for what these things are going for, it would be hard for me to invest in one.

    If you buy one, make sure you get a gunsmith to check it out and replace whatever he says to replace.
  8. Witch Doctor 01

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    Kimber?... you can get a Rock Island Range master or two... for the same $$
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    And RR will run when K goes back for tuning and repairs.
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    But on the other hand, one should know the hows and whys of repairing their own equipment :)
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    For me it's come down to collecting vs shooting. I can load a whole bunch of .45 ACP for $1050.00.
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