CNC machine at home for cheap

Discussion in 'Technical' started by enloopious, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. enloopious

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    Came across this place today. Everyone should learn the basics of this because you can make a lot of stuff with it.

    low budget
    CNC V2.0 - HomoFaciens

    This is high budget
    Glowforge - the 3D laser printer

    Theres many others worth checking out.
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  2. Dunerunner

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    Not his first rodeo, I'll bet. Nice site, some great ideas...
  3. enloopious

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    I wish there were sites like this in the US. We used to be innovators in almost every field but it seems not so much anymore. I see a lot coming from Germany.
  4. Dont

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    Just ordered a couple books from amazon about arduino's and electric motor's..
    I have looked the youtube video's on reperpposing printers, computers, microwaves and on,and, on.. I do not like the feeling of being behind on knowing how things work.. "Arduino's in the Zombie apocalypse"... Should be an interesting read..
  5. Byte

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    Bit spendy but there are a few all in one machines coming to market that are reasonably priced for what they can do. You won't be machining hardened steel with small machines like this yet but they are a great way to learn the basics of cnc milling and an excellent platform for rapid prototyping on plastic, wood & soft metals.

    I have had my Arduino for awhile but really haven't taken much time to really do anything with it other than fiddle. Have seen people create some pretty cool projects with them though. Originally bought one to integrate it into my VEX robotics stuff. Need more hours in the day I think.

    Oh that German guy's page is pretty awesome btw. Fun to see people creating stuff like that.
  6. arleigh

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    Bud K is advertising kits for AKs and glocks if your interested .
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