cnn:" "almost" all exxon valdez cleanupworkers have died

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    "Well I think that the administration, quite frankly has done an incred-"
    Perfect place to turn off the television. lol :)

    Yeah. Not all of them are dead yet. Pitty that reporter who jumped in the gulf. Who knows.
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    That's why BP is using prisoners now to clean the spill...I guess they figure that no one will miss them...and they are probably mostly black convenient for labor, no need to issue any protective gear, and they will also reduce prison population. They probably see it as a win-win situation! Geeeeeezzz....
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    Have you a credible source for that bit of info? [drooling]
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    That's Amy Goodman (I think that's her name) from Democracy Now! and her info is typically backed up by credible sources.

    Prison labor is nothing new, really. Even if it is hazardous clean-up work, few would argue at using inmates to do the job. If they were using indebted Americans to do the cleaning, that would cause one heck of a backlash though!
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    I personally have no issue with prison labor being used for about anything. I don't like the fact that BP may be hiring prisoners to save money, but survival of the company and profits are their endstate, so it's hard to fault them. The moral thing to do, obviously, is to hire locals whose incomes are suffering becasue of your mistake. I doubt most companies would not try to save a dime here or there, especially under the cloud of losses from gov't penalties and loss of the well/ workers.

    What I am curious about... how many prison workers are we talking about here? Percentage wise, is it most or just some of the clean up workers?
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    That pic does not show them actually working in oil. Every pic I have seen has workers wearing full gear and some with respirators. The accusation that they are being used a "fodder" is not accurate. The EPA would be doing headstands if that was going on-get real. They want you to put on a respirator if someone breaks wind--lol.
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