CNN says Piers Morgan's talk show is ending :) :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stg58, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. stg58

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    [nutkick]Send that POS back to the UK hopefully to face charges on phone hacking. [nutkick]

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — CNN's prime-time talk show "Piers Morgan Live" is coming to an end, the news channel said Sunday.

    Morgan, who succeeded Larry King in the 9 p.m. EST time slot three years ago, was drawing lackluster ratings. In contrast, King had a 25-year run on CNN.

    The airdate for Morgan's last show has yet to be determined, CNN said in a statement.

    Morgan is a former U.K. tabloid editor who reinvented himself as a TV personality with stints as a judge on "Britain's Got Talent" and its U.S. spinoff, NBC's "America's Got Talent," and as a contestant on "Celebrity Apprentice."
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  2. Gator 45/70

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    I will now start building the worlds smallest violin so that when he leave's I can play Hey, Hey, Goodbye.
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  3. kellory

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    Time to toddle off, Piers. long past time.
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  4. Dunerunner

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  5. NWPilgrim

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    How's that "guns are bad, gun owners are idiots" drumbeat working out for you, Piers?

    Don't let the door hit ya in the ass, boob.
  6. DarkLight

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    Yeah, he blames it on his anti-gun stance. Sorry dumba$$, it's your anti-america stance that has peoples hackles up.
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  7. kellory

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    What got me was when he would get up on his high horse, and start talking about HIS RIGHTS, yet he wasn't a citizen. Idiot.
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  8. swampbilly

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    Yeppers..that's it in a nutshell!
  9. DarkLight

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    Well, see, that's where it gets sticky (and it's a point of conversation with my wife and I a LOT). The Constitution and Bill of Rights doesn't state that you have to be a citizen to receive (for most rights) the benefits/rights, including 1-4. Technically, he does have those rights while in this country, whether a citizen or not. We, however, have the right to dislike him, shun him, boycott anything he has to do with and otherwise exercise OUR rights right back. If this results in the loss of his job/income, that is a consequence of his actions and not a violation of his rights.

    Too many with an agenda forget that (no stones, just pointing out something I see, specifically in the media).

    Edit - clarification...stupid steam of consciousness...
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  10. swampbilly

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    "Edit - clarification...stupid steam of consciousness..."

    Well, it sure is refreshing some folks have a conscious, merica' may not be a total loss after all.
  11. natshare

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    Like I told someone earlier today, it likely had more to do with his stuffy British snobbery of all things USA, than anything else. There's a reason we kicked the English out of here, almost 238 years ago! ;)
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  12. BTPost

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    Just a NOTE, here: The Amendments 1-4 Do NOT apply to non-Landed Aliens. They only apply, to those that are here LEGALLY. You MUST have a VISA type, specifically setup with Gun Rights, to posses a Firearm, if you are NOT a Citizen. You may NOT Purchase a FireArm here, UNLESS you have a Green Card, or Permission, in Writing, from your Countries Embassy. It is a Question on the ATF form 4473, that you MUST Fill out, and Swear to, Under Penalty of Perjury.
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  13. DarkLight

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    And to my point, Piers is here legally and I doubt for one second he's even considered getting a firearm...of ANY kind.
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  14. kellory

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    although he is on video firing a machine gun and enjoying it Thoroughly.
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  15. DarkLight

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    And while yes, the Declaration of Independence isn't "law", it still outlines what is codified in the Constitution and then protected by the Bill of Rights:

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

    It doesn't say "American Men", it doesn't say "Men from these 13 colonies", it says ALL MEN. And it says men and not people because, at the time, women and slaves weren't afforded the same status. Not just here, but everywhere. It was the standard by which everything was judged.

    They held that ALL MEN were created equal and entitled (the correct usage of the word, btw) to certain rights. I won't extrapolate forward, however, those statements directly into the Constitution and Bill of Rights because I wasn't there and I absolutely LOATHE people who do that under the "penumbra of the Constitution"...whatever the hell that is.
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  16. stg58

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    HEARTBREAK RIDGE Don't Go Away Mad Just Go Away.........

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  17. DarkLight

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    Is it wrong that I smile every time I see this thread title?
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  18. swampbilly

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    I hope not!
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