Second Amendment CO going after pump/semi-auto shotguns now

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by CATO, Mar 2, 2013.

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    Wow.. these clowns don't get it.
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    No they don't get it. It is getting bad. We got headline Drudge this morning and that was bad. There are hunter stating that they won't come hunting in CO. Lose Magpul & hunting revenue.... not good. The Senator I saw today stood in front of a very tense and upset crowd and LIED!!! This Senator was quoted saying they supposed the bills in a local paper but to a room full of Pro-gun people, the Senator said no decision had been made. I will say that it was not civil. Every time the Senator lied or sidestepped a question the room erupted.

    Monday is the day. The call has gone out, people are mobilizing. Boots on the ground, vehicles circling the capital. As much the opposition that these bills are having, I think the democratic agenda will succeed. The re-drawing of districts has given the Dems the house and Senate.
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    I've heard gun owners make up all sorts of excuses for voting Dem, such as union, abortion, war (how's that working for ya?), environment, etc. Well, this lunacy against gun owners is what you get.

    There are 100 million gun owners, nearly a third of the population and probably more than half the voters. Obviously a LOT of gun owners DO NOT HAVE A CLUE!
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    The camel's nose is definitely inside the tent.......and almost all the way to the hump!

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    FUDD's need to figure it out real quick as well.
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    I'm not surprised, it's always been in their cards.
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    Well, I guess Coloradoans won't be able to own Saigas.
    How sad.
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    Okay, if there are any Colorado people lurking here or are member. Get off your butts and get active NOW!!!! I just went to a town hall meeting hundreds of people. The Senator refused to speak. She answered no questions, refused to address the crowd in any way. People came to listen to her, to talk to her but she instead she chose to lord over her voters. Protect our state, protect our constitution and vote these condescending people out of office.
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