CO2 food storage; For a disaster shelter

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    I am looking at buying a shelter from "Utah shelters"
    MRE's will last for about 5 years
    CO2 stored food will last for about 20 years

    I want to use all CO2 stored food (no MREs, no Caned food)
    What foods do I need to store for a will balanced diet, to live on (60 days)?

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    The absolute minimum amounts of recommend food supplies for a year which provides you with "about a half of a small loaf of bread daily along with 3 small servings of beans" (corrected)are as follows:

    300 pounds of grains per person (FYI, a pound of grain--depending on type--is between 2 1/4 - 2 1/2 cups)
    75 pounds of legumes (pinto, black, red, lima, kidney, turtle, garbanzo, etc.)
    75 pounds of milk (powdered, evaporated, etc.)
    65 pounds of sweeteners (sugar, molasses, honey, etc.)
    4 pounds of shortening*
    2 gallons of oil *
    2.5 pounds of leaving agents (yeast, baking soda, baking powder, etc.)
    5 pounds of salt
    45 gallons of water **

    Read more at Do You Have Enough Food Storage?
    According to one website, the food/numbers above is what a person needs per day. What else would I store? rice, dried eggs, spices, lots more salt, boullion, oats, potato flakes, pasta, dried fruit/vegetables, tomato powder............ but it needs to be things you will eat because if you don't like it now you probably won't like it later. And alot will depend on how you are going to prepare them so you need to stock up on prep material also (sterno, firewood, etc.)
    At least that's what I've found out in my short time of preparing so I'm no expert by any means.
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