Code enforcers: the new Gestapo

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jun 19, 2012.

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    This doesn't surprise me at all. Our lot is about a half an acre, 1/3 in the backyard and the rest just lawn. I started installing a garden between our fence and the street, a strip that is 250 ft long by 40 wide that I mow but can't build anything "permanent" on due to underground water lines. It's ok if I mow it and pay taxes on it, of course, but forget about fencing it. I decided to put a garden on it. It isn't permanent, and there's nothing in our local code governing what has to be growing in the side yard. Apparently they're fine with weeds and cacti.

    It wasn't 20 minutes after I started the tiller up that code was in my driveway. A neighbor had complained. (and I know which one) I put the tiller away but I'm still going to put the garden in. I'm just going to redesign it to look more landscapey.
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    Thats just sad.

    I think I would be uncomfortably confrontational to anyone telling me I cant till my garden and I would be downright disturbing to the first person who cut/pulled one plant from my garden.

    d w , here is an idea. Set yer alarm for 2:30am. Go out and till for about 5 minutes or so. Do this for a month. Not every night, do it tonight then dont do it again for 3 or 4 nights, then hit it again.
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    ...And - depending on your local laws - you'll get ticketed for violation of after hours noise ordinance. [nono]

    A thought; You might invite 2 other neighbors to join you in your "community garden patch". It's a good neighbor kinda' thing. :D You each share with each other what's planted there (I'll plant tomatoes, you plant peppers type of thing), and you all take care of it. Let the calling (apparently miserable) neighbor watch the fun and bounty sharing that everyone else is enjoying. :)
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    And only when they have criminalized food will only a criminal have food.
    Welcome unindicted co-conspirators to the fracas.

    Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius do your research now.

    Where is your line in the the tilled soil?
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    wrc223 Monkey+ are right. We all must comply. No garden for d w. It's against the LAW!
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    Wrong !!!..Put the garden in...Challenge anyone who whines and snivels about it..Show them YOU DON'T CARE...!!!
    If the ''code'' show's up again...Ask'em when's the last time they've had a good a** whipping...Challenge,Challenge,Challenge.

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    The time will come when the government lackey's and vitamin B deficient clones will get what's coming to them. The only unfortunate part out of all this, is the many good people who will be trampled and beaten in the process. This government abuse cannot continue forever; eventually there will be a tipping point. It is on the precipice when we may make our stand --and change will happen, for good or bad. I want a peaceful resolution to our problems, I really do. The terrible thing about it is that we are faced with a monster of epic proportions. It does not listen to our grievances. It will not back down and run away. It does not fear us because we are not united in common cause. It sees individual citizens as serfs to be labeled, categorized and ordered about; it does only what it wills. It does not respond to logic and civil response, it only knows force...and it will be force of equal or greater measure which will have to bring it to its knees and submit again. This is the result of Democracy, make no mistake.

    The indifferent are as much to blame as the goons in uniform who fine and collect for their corporate masters. We are all to blame, to various extent, and it will not cease until the majority have had enough. Picket signs and public protest will find no solution and no repentance from the tyrants hiding behind armed troops and color of law. They make the law fit their needs every day, and seek shelter within the guise of freedom while creating a common enemy for the timid to fear. Their minions are many, but we are legion compared to their kind --if only we were not broken.

    If our pieces ever do assemble, there will be a reckoning. (Also, I like peanut butter.)
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    Couple of neighbor's put in culvert's to cover there yard and ditch with dirt...
    Which they did with no permit...So...
    They recieved a letter from the parish to dig up the culvert's....

    Grass has been growing for 7/8 month's now...They don't
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    Y'all are funny.

    I'm not going to put the garden in where I had started tilling. Water lines and all. Might be in the way if there's a leak. No, I'm certainly not going to put it there and risk being out of compliance with the easement.

    I'm going to put it in my FRONT yard instead. That way my neighbor will see it every single time she looks outside.... unlike where I was going to put it where she'd only have seen it when she drove around the corner.

    Some day I will tell y'all about my old place, and my neighbor who didn't like seeing sunflowers in my back pasture (and wouldn't shut up about them), and the special fence I built just for him to hide those ugly flowers.

    On staying on topic though, city officials get really stupid when confronted by gardens in the yard. Last year a woman in Michigan faced jail time for putting a veggie garden in her front yard. The charges were eventually dropped but they never should have been brought in the first place. There was another one, and I can't find the links now, who came home to find them in her BACK yard ripping out all of her gardens.
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    Our County Commisson started crap like this now I can see if you live on a city street 30 feet from your neighbor and pile trash in the yard. I mean trash not you ATV under a tarp or something like that. They tried to make us go out and charge these old farmers for having their old tractors out in a field that they own and work. Alot of the guys around here keep their old ones for parts. They wanted them told to move them and extra water trofts and other farming supplies. We refused to do it when I got pulled infront of the Commisson and ask why. I told them it's not right and we have other things to do like catching criminals. Which is more productive than harrassing the few honest working citizens of the county. We still havnt enforced it and wont how can they act as if they have any right telling people what to do on their property. Not going to use any names [peep] but I know a old dog that was told by the city he couldn't put something on his property because of water lines. So he complied and built it in another spot well just so have it those water lines started busting and flooding the yard. When they came to fix it they messed up this old dogs yard and the item he built started getting water damage. After attending a council meeting with pictures, estiments on the repairs for the city to pay and advising that the dog had a lawyer who planned to sue for damages and the stress of his property being damaged multiple times. The city wanted to work it out after the city digging up the water lines, moving the object to the original location the old dog wanted it and fixing the yard. The problem for the city was gone
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    I think we will start seeing a lot more cases like these, for a number of reasons. Number one being that as times get tougher, more and more people are starting gardens. Given urban/suburbanites are conditioned to appreciate manicured lawns and well maintained hedges, it's not surprising they freak out when their next door neighbor tills under his St Augustine and starts growing sweet corn in it. Probably half of them don't even know what they're looking at IS food. Heck I've had people ask if they need to sterilize the fresh eggs they just got from me.

    The second part of this is that crime is rising and dopers are spreading, and those are two things that are not easy to fix. You can't just send the cops out to tear down every suspected meth house with instant results. That takes time. SO, you have a bunch of talking heads at City Hall who keep getting calls from people saying "What are you doing to clean up our city?" and they need something to show for it.

    It's a whole lot faster and easier (or so they think) to go after a bunch of law abiding residents for "unsightly vegetation" than it is a bunch of cookers and thugs who tend to disappear into thin air the minute the po po rounds the block, and at the end of the week they can say "We did 22 nuisance abatements this month alone!" and wave the citations that were written up on a bunch of salsa gardens. What they don't factor into this is how bad they're gonna look on the 6:00 news when some unemployed single mom is crying to the camera about how the city tore out her only means of feeding herself.

    Or that's my take any way.
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    I had a city moron come out and tell me that my weeds were too high in my yard....So, I called another city inspector and they took his little ticket book away from him and escorted him out of my TOMATOES and CORN rows!
    Some people are just STOOOPID!
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    why plant a garden when you can get food stamps with no income verification? Please, people! It is important to recognize that the program has seen a 63% in the last three years (27 million people to 44 million people). Let's suckle the government "organs"
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    I just tell them it's ok to have one... we are supposed to have a liberty garden... i mean the Nazis are still active and every one knows that ol' FDR was a democratic and a liberal.... and he ok'ed them...[peep]
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    Review & Outlook: Food Stamp Fiasco -
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    Maybe "the 99%" think a good way to get back at "the fatcats" is for them all to get on foodstamps.

    This would be a good Heinlein book: the future where everyone gets their daily rations from the govt., gardens are illegal because they may spread disease to other crops, martial law............... oh wait, that movie came out in 1966.

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    No,'s not welfare. Welfare is the result of the problem, not the problem itself. Being suckled by the government only creates a dependent class of people; it is therefore corporate sponsored government which is the problem. Government is always the problem.

    911 Operator Hangs Up On Girl - YouTube

    Look at this absolute IDIOT, a police Sgt and a man who abuses his station and doesn't care who dies as a result. He's obviously disturbed, and not in the right mind. Whoever cannot accept swearing in life is a sheltered religious extremist and/or just plain deranged. Maybe 50 or 60 years ago I could see being polite, and it's sad we aren't that way still...but this world of ours is too full of idiots (extremist police included) to wish for an "auto-switch" to Mayberry.

    Where was I? Oh, yes. As you all know, a republic is special in that it permits the greatest amount of liberty to flourish with the least amount of government to exist. The more government you have, the less liberty you will see. Now, explode this to become a Democracy, a Fascist State, now a Corporate Oligarchy. You will always see the transfer of power going *from* the sovereign people *to* the government until the government has all the power and simply delegates privilege back to the people.

    Don't blame social programs, Presidents and ideals. These issues only further divide us. We know what the true enemy is: government (and ignorance, indifference, as well as GMO foods)
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    I have an idea!!

    I am gonna get me a guvment card. I am gonna get me one of them cards and I am gonna buy preps with it!

    Can I buy seeds at the grocery store with it?
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  20. ditch witch

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    **head go boom**
    You know I get that some people get real offended upon hearing curse words, but when someone is freaking out and calling for an ambulance, I think allowances can be made no matter how big that stick up your butt is.
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