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    Please see the new CoC Here:

    First, let me welcome you to our community. The staff would like you to know that whether your interest is in survival, guns, knives, or to just learn a bit about any portion of the above and maybe even do a bit of networking well that’s just fine with us. We hope you enjoy yourselves here.

    Now we do have some Codes of Conduct, hereafter referred to as COC and ask that you please follow them. They are as follows:

    1. Please no flaming, attacking or insulting another person on this board. We don’t mind if you disagree with another member of the board, we just ask that you keep it civil. We understand that in the heat of the moment we all get a little hot. Just try to remember that there is a good possibility somebody’s kid is going to be watching over their parent’s shoulder. We’re adults here so let’s try and act like it.

    2. Do not post derogatory comments of a racial, sexual, or religious nature. This includes your username, title, and signature line. We are visited by people from different countries, race, religion, males, and females; The staff members reserve the right to edit the above items and remove a members ability to edit them should they refuse to do so when asked.

    3. Posting pictures* or links to images which contain pornography, nudity (this includes any photo which contains a clear view of genitalia or female nipples), animal cruelty (this does not include hunting pictures), racism, sexism, or extreme violence will be removed and will result in a warning. A members ability to post may be stopped if they refuse to comply. After repeated warnings they will be banned.

    *If the post has images of extreme violence or photos of women and men that are scantily clad please post a warning in the title. These images will not be tolerated when randomly inserted into other discussions. Also, Our site is not about the posting of scantily clad bodies... If a pic comes up now and then that has this content, that's fine. Remember to post a Warning for those at work/home about it. The Inferno has the same rules. They are a bit relaxed but they still apply. /melbo

    4. No posting or linking of illegal activities (i.e. purchases, modifications, etc.) is strictly prohibited. These posts will be deleted immediately and the member will be warned.

    5. No posting of other people’s personal information (name, home phone numbers, addresses, unpublished e-mail addresses, etc.).

    6. No post or link which threatens any group or individual or that advocates the overthrow of governmental bodies is strictly prohibited. The post will be deleted and the member warned.

    7. Posting discussions or topics with the intent to do the site harm will result in immediate suspension of the members account. Specifically creating topics meant to disrupt the day to day management, disrupt the ability of the site to function normally, and disrupt the member’s resources.

    8. Posting the same topic over and over again or “spamming”. Multiple topics with just slight differences in titles are not funny. There are times when several different members will post different threads on the same topic –– that is acceptable. It is not acceptable for the same member to do it over and over again. Those topics will be locked and the member will be warned.

    9. The moderators and the administrators here have rules to follow as well. None of us are gods. You have a problem with one of us speak up. We’ll evaluate it fairly.

    10. Moderators will not delete threads unless they contain one of the above unacceptable COC’s. We will not delete threads. We will however lock them and send a private message to the person explaining why and politely asking them to not do it again. If the post contains a link or picture that violates the COC, the photo or link will be removed and the member warned.

    created by TLynn

    Subject to revision so please check back frequently
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    As an ammendment to the CoC:

    Please try to post your threads in the appropriate categories.

    We have a few areas that are not viewable by guests and search engines for certain topics. This is to try and stay uncensored by Work and Library internet access.

    Do not be offended if Staff moves your thread into a better area for your topic.

    Please do not 'Hijack' a thread into a totally different direction than was intended by the original thread author. If you start to stray beyond a reasonable margin, consider starting a new thread.

    Do not be offended is Staff prunes your posts off of a thread and into a new one.

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