Cody Lundin - Super Winter Shelter

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Tango3, Jul 17, 2010.

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    Cody Lundin

    When I watched the episode of dual survivor where he made the super shelter I was amazed by the ingenuity and simple design. So far it is the best thing I have learned off the show.
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    I'm thinking hot gluing the edges of a piece of visqueen to asurvival blanket along on edge would make a nice light easy to roll up shelter solution

    I wonder how humid it gets inside from breathing???
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    I am sure that the super shelter actually is not very humid at all really. It doesn't look to me like the enterance is seal up very well. Rather it is just hanging there loose. Which I think allows the warm air to circulate out to the cold air. Warm air is always attracted to colder air. Which in there instance on the show it works to thier benefit. I am going to build one of these shelters the first chance I get to go camping.
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    Humid can be a function of the climate in which you camp.
    I bought a 1 person single walled pup tent a few years ago and took it out on a rather typical NC summer night.
    It was all nylon except for the door which was mesh with flaps.
    Kept the flaps all the way open. Kept my head by the mesh part.
    Woke up in a literal puddle.

    I guarantee that Cody's contraption, though ingenious, would turn into a still here with our humidity.
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    +1 Agree, same reason I don't just lay a poncho down and roll up like a burrito; I''d wake up in a puddle of human perspiration/respiration.
    Airflow is an advantage of "tarping". 'bugflow " is a disadvantage.

    Still like the idea, though b::
  7. fortunateson

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    Too too too many bugs here to do the tarp thing. Maybe in the fall, or maybe a hammock with mosquito netting.

    I exchanged the tube for a Kelty double walled.
    Inside is all mesh. Rainfly acts like a big tarp with a vestibule to boot.
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    Not realistic enough for long term, but it looks like a simple and effective way to keep warm when it's cold IF THE WIND ISN'T BLOWING. Aside from that, a person could -I repeat *could* end up with a melted plastic facial if they aren't careful of the fire.

    The Mylar backing alone and utilizing a raised bunk with hot rocks beneath (Mears) is an excellent means of staying warm in the winter.
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    I think both the Lundins super shelter and the hot rocks have merit and would use either depending on the location and situation. I've seen the hot rocks on several shows, saw one where they almost caught the host socks on fire.

    This is the first time I've seen anything along the lines of Lundins super shelter, haven't even seen anything remotely close in any of my books.

    I think with proper planning you could make a shelter that would last the winter, at least here in GA and stand up to wind.
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