Cold steel two handed machete

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    Just wanted to give my take on cold steel two handed machete well they are great when I go to the woods I always have a Zippo a trapper pocket knife a slingshot and a two handed machete it holds a edge I cut swamp cabbage as a side job most guys that cut use a estwing ax and 10 head of cabbage take the average guy most the days to cut I have cut 38 in 4 hours with the cold steel before and after picture the last pictures are what it looks like when cut up palm1. palm1.5. post-6475-0-11520800-1423339256_thumb. and a jar of pickled swamp cabbage. KIMG0496. KIMG0497. KIMG0500. palm1. palm1.5. post-6475-0-11520800-1423339256_thumb.
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    MMmmmmm! Swamp cabbage! [js]

    Cold Steel makes some cool blades. I really like my gladius.
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    Hey brokor I have the exact same gladius!
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