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Discussion in 'Blades' started by mikeh53, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. mikeh53

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    Quick question folks,

    Have any of you bought any of the "Cold Steel" knives? Any good or junk? Some of there test vids are kinda hokey?
  2. Pyrrhus

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    The guy who "stars" in their promo vids is the president. He's as gay as can be. I'm certain he was picked on a lot as a fat little kid. I'm pretty sure started the company for the sole purpose of starring in videos where he hacks apart a pig carcass or rolled tatami mat. If you want to like the knives, never watch another one of their videos.

    Having said that, I can honestly state that I have never been disappointed with one of their knives (or spears). I can't speak to their customer service, because I have never had cause to need it. Without going to my knife footlocker, I would guess I have probably five or six folders and three fixed blades, plus two spears. I also plan to buy the Marine Corps NCO and Officer swords from them sooner or later. They are good edged weapons, hold an edge well, are fairly easy to sharpen, et al. With my most recent purchase ( a handful of years ago), I noticed that they started manufacturing in Taiwan, but I haven't noticed a decline in quality yet.

    One of my favorite knives is a Recon tanto my wife bought me several years ago. I recommend these knives, at least up to the point of my last purchase. I can't speak to the quality for those made in the last five or so years.
  3. Tango3

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    be careful of copies. I bought a coldsteel "trail master" bowie from an ebayseller new."come to find out it's a "made in china" and Now; I find out, coldsteel never authorized production there . There are"real" cold steel Japanese production knives. but I guess not "china":"Taiwan (china?) I dunno; mine says "china"

    but: That said; other than arecent find of a youtube video showing a catastrophic failure of one ( broken tang; bladebroke off at the hilt)while "batoning" wood

    Mine is SCARY SHARP(!) The thoughtof drawing it across human flesh (in defense) makes my skin crawl.It will make an awesome shelter builder harvesting grasses/ boughs/ batoning firewood;chopping down telephone pole sized hardwood trees etc.

    So far IMHO it's worth all the $80.00 I paid for it.

    more discussion on coldsteel:(china vs. taiwan)
    You pays your money and takes your chances. I see Lyn Thompson is so controversial the product is almost an after thought lost in discussions...(????)
  4. Alpha Dog

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    If you looking to invest in a good and tough knife look at the K-Bar Wart Hawg. As for the cold steel a buddy of mime has one not sure of the modle but he swears by it.
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  5. limpingbear

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    ive got quite a few of thier blades. love everyone of them. easy to sharpen and hold an edge very well. i have a couple of the discontinued LTC kukris and those are my brush cutters. really awsome blades. The one time i had to get hold of thier customer service was to see if i could get a replacement thumb stud for a voyager lockback. i asked how much it would cost....all they wanted was my address to send the new one to. never charged me. i highly recomend thier knives.
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  6. Witch Doctor 01

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    I own 4 fixed blades and 2 hawks and wouldn't trade them....
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  7. UGRev

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    Bought their Recon Tanto.. top notch..
  8. Tango3

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  9. Gray Wolf

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    I had a few of them, many years ago. I gave them to friends when I discovered Busse Knives. I had a SRK and a Recon Tanto, as well as a couple of folders. I was never disappointed with them, I just found something that I liked more.
  10. calebra

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    They're good for the price. Don't expect custom quality but I've never been disapointed.
  11. Byte

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    My Recon Tanto is stamped Japan. It's only about 2 years old. Have no complaints about it.

    I second Tango3's sentiments about sharpness. When I got it it was as sharp as the blades in my 5-blade razors. I shaved with it the next day just to see how it'd do. Didn't take too much skin off and there was minimal blood! It's really not not very useful for fine tasks but it's a hellova hacking slashing tool.

    I keep mine in my GHB as it could be pressed into service as a utility knife or be used as it was designed...which I have little use for now, thankfully.

  12. GrandpaDave

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  13. Jeff Brackett

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    FWIW, I'm a former knifemaker. I now have two Recon folders, two hawks, & two of their kukri style machetes. So far, no complaints on the quality. Much nicer than some of the other brands I have.
  14. limpingbear

    limpingbear future cancer survivor....

    ive got one of thier kobun tanto knives in my BOB. for 40 bucks you cant beat it. i have realy abused the LTC kukries ive got. still sharp enough to shave hair off my arm. My EDC is a 3 inch tanto point voyager. Had it for years and its still popping sharp and easy to maintain. I would like a couple of thier hawks...
  15. funny I was just posting about mine in the warthog sharpener thread. I have a real love hate relationship with this knife.

    I also want a becker bk9. I like the way the blade edge comes all the way back with no wasted edge space between the handle front and the start of the edge. (that is just me though, the warthog - mine is a gen 1 has a lot between the guard and the start of the edge - sort of)

    If yours is the newer one without the guard, how do you like that?

    XD -- My daughter tells me that XD is phone txt for :) whoda thunk.

  16. Quigley_Sharps

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    Ive carried one for years in the woods, its my go to work horse in the mountains. It stays razor sharps.
  17. probie

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    I had a cold steel tanto, traded it for a bench made. it was a great knife though
  18. CDR_Glock

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    I have owned some of their Arc Angel Balisongs. Carbon V is horrible. It pits easily. The titanium handles are excellent though.

    I only have two of their fixed blades:

    San Mai Master Tanto
    San Mai Trailmaster

    They ARE sharp. They ARE durable. They ARE sturdy. They're not work of art or premium knife but as a utility knife, they're for real. I use the Master Tanto for cutting raw meat. It is hands down the sharpest knife I've used.

    Obviously, they're not wall hangers. Not collectible and they lose value like cars. I acquired mine pre-owned but unused for great prices. For how much I paid, they're well worth the money.
  19. tulianr

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    I just had the pocket clip break off of the Cold Steel tanto that has been in my pocket for seventeen years. My pocket doesn't feel right without it there. The clip was a molded part of the handle, but they ceased that design feature years ago; now, the clips are metal. Anyway, I give cold steel a definite thumbs up, to the point that I'm considering attempting a repair to my old knife, rather than buying a new one.
  20. TwoCrows

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    I have bought Cold Steel knives for the last 20 years and only had one fail in any way, and it was fixed by resharpening it.

    I think they have the price/value pretty well covered.

    The president of the company may be a flake, but his company makes good knives.
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